Friday, 22 October 2010


To celebrate the warm rays of summersun bursting through the gray springclouds.
To celebrate the last peach blossoms, already sprouting into leafs and fuzzyfruitbuds.
To celebrate my trusted sockbook 'Knitted socks East and West'.
The kimono socks in luscious silk-merino.

Begone then winter wet!

Have a nice weekend

Monday, 18 October 2010

Bit behind...

Bit behind on things.
In between our whole house being painted,
mad toddlers (no sleep) and an allergic partner (fumes)
I did knit a little Damson shawl (I was thinking as a Christmas gift, this year I'm gonna be ready!? But now I kinda like it for myself ha. Stuff Santa.)
And wound a few balls of yarn as soul-yoga.
I sometimes wish I was still and serene and composed
like that pretty little shell.
Oh well.

Damson : closer look and Ravelry details.


Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Noortje ('noor-cha') means little dear Noor.
She is wriggly and jiggly and squigly.
If there is an other word ending on -igly, she is it.
For sure.
She is however, so so loved.
Our little one.
Her Ginger cardi is finished.
And I made her a dress to go with it.
Lieveke made her a daisy chain.

Have a lovely Tuesday friends