Thursday, 30 June 2011



Ah now this took rather a while to make, but then it’s worth every minute, hour, day and month… All done and I’m almost sad as I so adore knitting very fine and drapey stockingfabric with this wonderfully soft and fine single ply, I could go on for nearly ever.  Very pleased though with this lightweight basic cardi - it gives endless possibilities for styling. It looks quite chic on a longsleeved black shirt or dress, more leisurely on T with J(eans), sweet with sailor stripes. 

Monday, 27 June 2011


MustBeautiful one
{k15} Subdued

To do : more sewing - a few things for the girls...
Doing : reading Ishiguro's moving debut Pale view of hills.
Done : 'subdued' socks , and with these the sock mojo is all back :)
Socks are plain awesome to knit,
don't let anyone tell you any different.
knitted socks are always just a weesome tricky
now that equals fun cause
where's the hoot in easy?

Wednesday, 22 June 2011



Noor's new cardi. In soft alpaca. Lemony but not sour. Sweet and spunky. Zesty!
In Ravelry : the tech hum, and on Flickr : more mademoiselle in it. 
The dress is an oldie that I made for Lieveke, rather a gorgeous hand-me-down I think.


Friday, 17 June 2011

Catching light

To do : blocking
{k13} Salvia
You are what you pink

My last few projects have all been about catching the game that light plays - on walls, through holes, on vibrant and fluffy textures or airy and subdued ones. It's winter here now, and things are a bit darker and a bit glummer, maybe that's why I need to touch on light...

There is Lumen : my beautiful second knitted cardigan this year, worked in a record mere two weeks, with soft and feathery Tosh merino light, a favorite for sure.

And then Salvia : a little fingerless mitts present for my fiery red head actress friend. Made in a couple of days and a good stash buster at that.

More photo's through here and Ravelry details here and there.

Hope you have a nice and light weekend