Wednesday, 29 April 2009

big changes around here

first of all,
I am so excited about Noor and her birth, but that doesn't mean I forgot about you! I hope it was a good one for you, I can't think of a better gift than a perfect little baby daughter.

I know Lies will be busy for the next little while, so I just want to thank everyone for their congratulations. This blog community is a really supportive place, and all the lovely comments about Noor show that ten times over. Thanks everyone!


A recent set of collage cards I made for work. (they send out a ton of cards all the time, so they bought some off me). I handed in my letter of resignation today which I have very mixed feelings about. There is no way I would be leaving my job if it weren't for the my personal circumstances. It has been hands down a fabulous experience, such a fun, creative, and supportive environment. Great people, and its not often you find a place in which you feel really understood and appreciated for who you are and what you contribute. So sad to leave, I mean it!



k passport.MULTI
Here's a clue. Passport shots!
On May 11th, I offically become a New Zealand citizen and then Luke and I are outta here for a little while. We are moving to Berlin on a one year working holiday visa. At the moment I am equal parts excited and intimadated by this venture. and I have a to do list roughly the length of my forearm. no kidding.

On the list, practising my oath:
I kimberlee munn swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, her heirs and successors according to the law, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of New Zealand and fulfill my duties as a New Zealand Citizen. So help me God.

Yes truly, I have to say that. Also 'His Worship" the mayor will be there as well. HIS WORSHIP? are they flipping joking? outdated language, eh.

Hopefully this all explains my absence from the blog world lately. I am still reading and loving it all, but am being a bit of a lurker and not commenting. Sorry folks, that is just the way I have to roll for a little while.

Anyway, hope you are well.
Mother's Day coming up, don't forget to love on your moms! xoxxo to mine!


Monday, 20 April 2009


is Noor, friends.

She was born just after 1 am on friday morning 17th of april.
She is splendid and healthy.
I am so proud.
Oh I'm so proud!


Thursday, 16 April 2009

not. cool.

really really uncool guys.
go here and do your part to protect crafter's rights.

she'll wake up soon

Kimberlee here with the BABY update. I went to visit the family in waiting today and this is what I saw:

Bags are packed, they are ready!

holy cow bag

look, my baby is just a bit sleepy, she'll wake up soon!
but baby is not quite ready

As Lieveke says "look, my baby is just a bit sleepy, she'll wake up soon!"

My creation
In the meanwhile, lieveke will entertain us with her moon. As a side note, she decided that she wanted to wear her dress OVER her newly knitted cardi (see last post), a bold fashion choice indeed.

Baby, we would sure like to meet you.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Not yet

The baby wants a wee bit more inside, that's fine! We are having a relaxed long weekend (in NZ Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays, yay). The autumn light and colors paint everything in a golden haze, fabulous. Yesterday I finished a 'funky' cardi for Lievie, made it in just two days - after my own design (just fidgeting around really). I think things don't always need to be straight! Made it from one of my favorite NZ yarns : 12 ply Touch mohair - in one of my favorite colors : chartreuse (you know that yellowish greenish kiwi inside with mustardy effervescence sort of...). It was fast on the 6mm needles, supersoft - I only had one 100 gram skein, but it worked out wonderfully well and it is exactly the same color as a linen dress I made some time ago for Lieve. And she loves wearing it - she wore it to Cornwell park this afternoon - we -just the three of us- had a stroll and a cuddle.

Happy Easter all (enjoy the chocolate eggs!!!), perhaps we'll have our little chick after the long weekend.


Monday, 6 April 2009

Lovely books

That flu is almost gone. Gosh we were all sick at home last week, but are on the mend now.

No baby yet, I've got the feeling she'll just wait until I'm all energetic and healthy again (uh fingers crossed...). Gabe has put up shelves so I can have her little clothes and nappies (I'm doing cloth again, respect for mama Earth!) within reach in our bedroom, where she'll sleep once she's here. It is quite exceptional, Gabe putting up shelves, ha. So yeah yeah we're getting ready ready. Looking so forward. I'm a bit anxious too eeh.

What's left to do but browse my newly arrived lovely Japanese sewing books. The legendary Homspun ones, not new releases, one is from 2005, the other from 2006, but these books are still so fresh and inspirational. Yup, I love them to bits. Just the right combination of edgy construction, colorful use of fabrics and fragile photography.

This here is a sequence from one of my most loved Japanese films 'Dolls'. It portraits along the Banruki theatre style the drama of human relationships throughout different stages of life. Apart from the breathtaking stylised visuals and the poignant telling of pain and love, the costume in the film is stunning, by Johji Yamamoto, of course. If you have a chance to rent this dvd, do and watch, it is a beautiful experience.

Have a nice week friends

Friday, 3 April 2009

strong man says, "keep your best work"

My creation

Last Saturday I created my very own strong man. Well actually I was meant to be making him as a present for somebody else so he would that someone else's very own strong man, but ehhhm, after her was 'born' I just couldn't bare to give him up. I mean, he's got nipples, a beard, tattoos, skinny jeans, and a smug little grin!

Sometimes as crafters, we make and make and make but after a year or so we've given away or sold all of our best projects and we really have nothing to show. Our studios are bare, save for aftermath of scraps and w.i.p messes. Or maybe that is just me. Now at least a have a lone strong man in my studio and I must be sure to make him some friends. snake lady? acrobat? lobster boy? hmm the possibilities are endless. Also I really should make some wabbits to keep, I honestly haven't kept a single one.

By the way if you like plush toys and haven't seen the PLUSH YOU flickr group yet, run don't walk here.

I will leave you with some random fun.
psychotic housewife commercial: