Thursday, 30 October 2008

colour, pattern:::::::pattern, colour.

I am noticing some colour themes in my life right now.

During texas hold 'em, late into the night.

When I am sewing my fine little bag with new birthday fabric.

in my mark making the plant life that is growing and dying around me.
I see green, red, blue, and yellow. It's a primary life around here. Can you see it too?


Monday, 27 October 2008

A bit of random

1) sublime reading
2) Marimekko - dress and jodpurs for Lieveke, I think
3) making baby sunhats again
4) blue and red
5) red and blue (and mess...)

I find great inspiration in Mieke Willems' beautiful blog these days. She's Belgian, the light in her photographs makes me homesick...

Have a lovely week dears

Friday, 24 October 2008

feeling the love

Birthday Hat: thanks mom! (see etsy seller here)

Birthday Fabric: one irresistible panel by Ralph Lauren. Thanks global fabrics and your secret birthday discount which I am not supposed to tell people about. sshhh.

Birthday Ring: Thanks Luke and jeweler Greg Froment who I met at kraftbomb, see his website here in case you want your own white stag ring.

Birthday Garden: thanks Glenys (mother in law) especially for the grapevine lattice sculpture you made, the sweet peas will grow up it and look fabulous. Also thanks for your great gardening adivce,
"Expect about half of everything you plant to die, that way you won't get too put off."

Birthday girl (a selfie to commemorate the day) looking disheveled and happy. This mirror image makes everything in our apartment backwards!

It was a really great day, 27 totally kicks 26's pants off.
Especially since Luke sent birthday reminders out to all my friends just so everyone would flood me with warm wishes and happy messages, which they did. Everyone is the best.


ps we have heard that our commenter was broken or being funny, so that people were unable to leave comments. Sorry, I think I fixed it now though :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

A smile

*dear little tiles with roses gifted by a friend
who's also having her second baby*

Thank you so for all your warm wishes!

No sooner had I blogged to the world about our little flower (as Lieve insists the baby should be named) or we experienced a little scare... An immediate ultrasound from my considerate midwife Ruth (yes, still beating) and a follow up scan the next day (yes, bouncing and twisting and turning and seems very perky) put our minds at rest. (Ehm sort of) I've gotta take it easy.
But all is well.
Then over the weekend Lieveke developed broncheolitis. This is an ugly beast that attacks the lung-'broccoli's' (how'dya explain to a little one) and makes the breathing very difficult. On Sunday night she had to be put on a respirator thing for oxygen. It's strange to see Lieveke pale and quietly wheezing, yet she was ever so brave at the emergency ward. The next day she resurrected (so resilient!) and she's now as sparkly as can be. She tells her day-care buddies "I was on a mask! And doctor Richard is nice." I guess she took a shining to the doc.
So all is well, all is well.
Enough reasons for a smile eh.
And for tomorrow : very happy birthday K!

Monday, 20 October 2008

I sing of summer

The good news is out! I have been sitting on Lies' secret for several weeks now, and I am so so glad everyone knows! now we can all talk about it, and you did! thanks for the comments... woo-hoo! I can't wait for the new little one to get here.

Today, some sure signs of summer:
This shadow was on my floor at 7pm, daylight savings is starting to pay off. I can't wait for light evening walks, night BBQs, going to the beach after work, and the all those good summer activities.

puppy love
Yoshi's canine pal Anita had puppies recently and little Tito here has taken a strong liking to the yosh. We just love walking our pack of happy wild dogs around the central city, we definitely bring a little chaos where ever we go!

In my garden this week, these flowers are looking especially purty.

Also a found plant object from my morning walk around albert park. I think it fell from a tree.

It's now a perishable hair accessory. Thanks mom for teaching me that pinning flowers in your hair is a good idea. (remember daffodils in my hair for school on spring days?)

hope you are enjoying this changing weather too.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

* * * sigh

flowers from Lieve

While I was away (it seems so long!) I was so sick...
Thank you for your little personal messages of concern. Oh yes, I'm quite alright
still a wee bit sick but

inside me
15 weeks
and full of soul
the little heart of
broertje or zusje
* *

Fingers crossed it all goes well X
I'll now try and be here a bit more again.
Perhaps with not so lavishly but certainly
we've missed you.

Monday, 6 October 2008

world domination: part 2 (or, becoming world famous one country at a time)

What is this all about ??? hmmmm. go to werkhaus to find out more/


my internet is back! sort of. its getting better so here I am!

Well I finally sent my items for the NZ Clothes swap group! That means that my old clothes will have new life. Just like shooting arrows from my fashion quiver, out into the world I fire the aloha top, the hippy dress, and the posh work shirt. goodbye and godspeed! May you bring merry times to your new owners!

on the other end of the swap... TA DA!!!!!
"we likes the new scarf!" proclaim the floating heads.
thanks r.w.s.

I also received a BEAUTIFUL top, which I have yet to take photos of, but I will and maybe I will even make another epic photoshop tribute.

groove is in the heart
and these are in the shop!