Wednesday, 19 December 2007


I was just at the mall today picking up a specific present for my mother in law (rice cooker), and the whole frenzied experience made me glad that there are so many other ways people are embracing gift giving this year. I guess the regular commercial shopping thing will never quite die out but I have noticed that it's just not cutting it for everyone anymore.

Many have taken the handmade pledge this Christmas, and I have noticed crafters getting involved with charity by donating handmade toys.

All these lovely softies were made by crafters and are going to Mirabel foundation. I wish I had known about it earlier so I could have been involved. but next year, right?

"The Mirabel Foundation supports children affected by a parents substance abuse. We thought it might be nice to give these kids some softie support too. Make a softie and send it to us. We'll pass it on to the Mirabel Foundation to distribute in December as part of their Christmas Toy Appeal. It will be lovely to have some handmade things to donate! You can post photos of your work on this photo pool - and even of your work in progress! Thanks for getting involved in our Softie Christmas!"

Click here to see more

For those who are looking for last minute gift ideas and/or ways to give to charity, OXFAM and Tear Fund have alternative gift calendars that allow you to donate to the third world. So why not give someone a pig for Christmas? or some school books, clean water, environmental protection, or.. okay you get the idea.
A friend of mine said "most people I know have everything thing they need and if there is something they want, they just go out and buy it. So this kind of gift is really good"

I didn't quite take the handmade pledge but I am happy to say I made and bought quite a few handmade gifts this year. I like the idea of the pledge but you don't have to be ALL OR NOTHING, in fact I think that attitude sometimes stops people from doing good.

here's a bag I made for my sister, with her initials. (Carling, if you are reading this, don't look! ... she never reads my blog so I think I'm safe:)

The LOVELY Nikki and I did a swap and this is the receiving end for me. Isn't it gorgeous! It's on the way to America for my niece's Christmas present. The quality sewing on this little number impressed me a lot, and I am thinking I got the better end of the swap, thanks Nikki.

And a little more receiving. This fabric used to be my Grandma's, in case you haven't been following along, she died recently and I was unable to go to the funeral. It was very touching that my family would think of giving this to me, my grandma loved to sew and they know that I do too. I intend to make some stuffed toys out of the blue and white fabric and give them to the great grand kids in the family. That colour blue was one of my grandma's favourites:)

hope you all the best with your shopping, my advice? avoid the malls :)


Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Craftwerk was splendid and for all you people who were able to come, I am sure you will agree. And for all those who couldn't make it, here are some photos. I am especially posting these for my mom, who was just here visiting. Originally craftwerk was going to be happening during her stay, and then it got pushed back to the day after she had to leave. She was gutted to say the least, but I tried to take many pictures to make up for it. It's still not the same.

craftwerk is full of eye candy, I didn't even bother narrowing my photo selection down, so here we go!
SQUIDS!!!! notice they are attacking a ship

These monkey sock toys went like hot cakes. congrats to the seller who is looking so Betty!

these plates are regulars at craftwerk, I think they are sold through toggle. Can you find one that applies to you? *update: made by Trixie Delicious and available HERE.

My friend Kirsten was a vendor for the first time.. Cheek Pinchy is her craft name and she sells cards, collage mural blocks, and these magnets (below) that are also available through toggle.

Some great stuff from Geek Freaks, craftwerk veterans by now :)

Somebody finally cracked the baked goods market! YUM. I do hope they return:)

Anemonecrafts (that's us): Lies looking serene by her tree pinnies (all sold) and tulip dresses.

Lies' new sun hats, which are really fabulous.

some new things I have been making lately, I felt so happy that all of the teddy's went to good homes, this little guy sold just after I took this photo, but I am afraid I didn't get pics of the others. I will make more though!

Charlotte of Anknel&Burblets was right next to us. People were swarming around her skin care line and I think her cards and purses were popular as well. yea.

sawed off tea cups make nice bangles. Clever crafter, who ever you are:)
*update Rekindle is available at toggle

Somehow I didn't manage to get a photo of Kate from Fossage but she did booming business! congrats to you!

It just went from sunny to pouring down rain here, which is so Auckland. Also there are some industrial fans malfunctioning outside my window so peaceful 'blogging time' is officially over. Good thing because I am having trouble typing. I am so so incredibly sore from my morning swim that it hurts to press down on the keyboard, ouch. anyway I am off to close windows and do activities that require minimal arm movement.

auf wiedersehen,

Saturday, 15 December 2007


Well I was away for a few weeks while my parents were here (did you miss me?) and now I have a million catch up things to do, none of which are fun (laundry, cleaning, IRD stuff to sort, etc). I won't bore you with a long post about my recent adventures because the daunting to do list is taking priority.

Instead here are some photo's of our new place. they are already outdated because I took them a few weeks ago, oh well:)

the lounge... did I ever mention that my husband is a bit of a minimalist? Here's the evidence

I finally got a table and chairs!

the compact but very functional kitchen

urban garden: this project is expanding and I have lots of plans

climb jasmine, climb!

awaiting herbs

I somehow forgot to take shots of my studio, but there will be more to come

we had a very good craftwerk last night and I will put some photos up soon:)

it's good to be back


Monday, 10 December 2007

Are you one of the lucky ones?

Hello every-one and thanks again for your big response to Anemone's blog-iversary! It was great fun having all your comments, and we've made a few more friends! 't Means quite a bit that you all enjoy our crafty crazes and round-about-adventures !

I had a lovely lazy life, until this monday morning

Grmbl grmbl umphhhh! I wrote your names on a piece of paper

Then I drew 6 pieces randomly out of the hat

It was so exciting, who will it be?

I did a blog-post on it :

1. the pinafore : Leah (lovely Hyena - we happen to know that you've a tiny niece!)
2. the pocket dress : Charlotte (Anknel and Burblets) - Ha! Baby chops!
3. the sunhat : Nikki (Mother of the... - even devil children need protection!)
4. the bibs : Kimberley (special K - you will need them honey!)
5. the Bird-cards : Kat (but we still wanna do a hat for you!)
6. the Sea-cards : Helen (Dayglo Days- Yes we really miss you!).

Please send Anemone an Email with your address, I'll send you the goodies asap, so they can snuggle unhurriedly and comfily under your Xmas-tree.

Much love, also from my ma and my buddy Kimmy

Thursday, 6 December 2007

A visitor at night

Traditionally on the 6th of december, Saint Nicolas ('Sinterklaas') brings toys to children in Belgium, the Netherlands and possibly some more European countries... The children live longingly towards this day, they write letters to the Saint, explaining they've been sweet (hmm) and they'd like this or that toy. They wait and wait and wait and sing songs about the Saint to help with all that waiting...

Singing 'Sinterklaas kapoentje, leg wat in mijn schoentje' (roughly : Saint Nicolas, I'm your little scallywag, put a thingy in my little clog...)

And the holy man travelled all the way around the globe, on his white horse and with his (no so PC) black helper Piet (Pete), to deliver some toys for Lieveke in New Zealand! The Saint arrived late at night, found a carrot for his horse, some homemade bikkies and a pint of beer for himself and Piet. He then set about to stalling his presents lovingly on the dinner table, for that is his biggest pleasure. He had to get going before morning, of course, he has many many other deliveries to make! So, this morning Lieveke, much to her delight, found the table so laden with goodness!

Oh my goodness!

A wooden ark with Noah, his girlfriend (?) and animals, a tin in the shape of a car with felt pens, two books, a Maisy DVD (hmmm, saint? Ohhh, well) and two puzzels. Whoa! Good timing too as rain poored out of the sky the whole day, but the new toys kept Lieveke very very happy!

What a coincidence : both Gabriel and I have fond childhood memories of the Moomin tales.

Friends, the surpise-birthday-give-away (see previous post) is still on, please don't be shy and scribble a quick comment. Thanks for your warm responses so far! Oh Kat, of course I can make a bigger one! Send us an Email with your child' s head-circumference (heavens, what a scary word) and we'll go from there! Debra, how great to hear from you and so glad you like the kimono-wrap, I loved making it!
Lucky Kimberlee is currently roaming the fab New Zealand country side with her lovely folks, who are over from the States. She says (texts actually aha) to say she misses you all!
I haven't done much crafting this week - apart from this wee sweety :

Yay, onto that novel cactus-stand I go.

On that note, happy end of week-days!

Monday, 3 December 2007


Dear friends,
Today is the first birthday of our blog!

For a year now, we 've been posting our ideas and experiences about, in and around our craft projects. We've been showing not only the products of our creative sewing, knitting, illustration and design efforts, but also the context that sparkles the inspiration : our homes. families, fancies and interests, activities and events. Sometimes we've also shown you our hearts, often a lot of our laughs and maybe a little tear here and there. It's been a fabulous experience so far, sharing all (well, most) that we create!
So what we really wanna celebrate is you, our readers , our friends!
You've all been so supportive and interested and responsive. Your input gives our creative endeavors/whims a sense of perspective and appreciation. You often have very inspiring craft-blogs yourselves and it's so nice to find some 'soft cushioning' as in feed-back and suggestions in this crafty blog-community that you constitute. Oh, thanks thanks all you-dears out there!!!

So, what's a celebration without a big surprise and looooots of presents? We have decided to give away some feasty things!

If you leave a comment on this post, you might have a chance (surprise!) to win a present :

-from my (Lies) sewing basket, for your baby or toddler (your child, grand-child, niece or nephew, best friends little one,...) :

a 'little pocket' dress for a toddler girl (between 1 and 2 yrs)

a reversible fruity pinnie for a newborn girl (till about 6 months)

a unisex toddler sunhat

a set of 3 unisex baby bibs

-from Kimberlee's artist folder :

a 6 pack of bird cards

a collage 4 pack of sea cards, like these

Next Monday Lieveke will draw names out of a tacky pink cowgirl hat (but she loves it, what can you do and what is tacky anyway...), if you want a specific item (for ex. you want a baby pinnie cause a toddler dress would just look too silly on your newborn! Or : you prefer unisex items cause your boy would look a bit too avant-garde in a dress), please specify in your comment.

Oh, as promised, I did an Etsy update : there are new pretty things for babies and todds, such as this new design, a tulip dress in Japanese stylised 'sugarcane stripes'.

And really, thank you all
X Lies