Thursday, 29 January 2009

On the lookout for blooming lanterns

I was just minding my own business while walking home from work yesterday when I looked up and saw this majestic tree exploding with tiny little red lantern flowers. "Holy smokes!" I thought, followed by a hearty "Wowee!"

Nine times out of ten when I see things like this, I am by myself with no means of documentation. But earlier this week I had thrown my camera in my giant handbag (and when I put something in there, it's lost in the handbag black hole for weeks) so I was in luck. Bam!

I also realised that I have walked by the tree at least 6 times this week and I haven't even noticed, even though it went to all that trouble to spread its flowers at my feet. Shame on me, I haven't had my feelers out, my third eye on, or my childlike spirit turned up enough to see this tree that is absolutely showing off right now.

These little guys are almost identical to the red paper lanterns that are now lining the streets in celebration of Chinese New Year. And no, I hadn't noticed those lanterns either.

Conclusion: Minding your own business is usually a terrible idea.


Sunday, 25 January 2009


Quite different from Kimberlee's work, ha, but Lieveke does some incredibly colorful drawing at the moment. Adults often need explanations, or figurative suggestions. Not so for young kids, the act is the art, so when the other day a visitor asked 'but what IS it', Lieveke looked at this person and with a genuine warm wish to enlighten she said revealingly 'ah, it IS a drawing '. Also a pic of a kitchen corner, I tend to herd cards, images, bits and pieces, and not really knowing what else to do with them, I stick them on the wall. It all becomes one colorful collage (or chaos - depending on my mood eh). And a photo of my new dress, it fits the 'picture' here somehow.
-enjoy the new week ** Lies

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Illustration in 2009

SO I didn't manage to get my refrigerator cleaned out yet, but I have been working on illustration stuff. This is my current work in progress for NZ Wedding magazine. I probably should have this up here yet but since it is still at the sketch stage and hasn't been approved, I think it is okay. shhhh, don't tell.

I have also been updating my website, and flickr account (MAJOR) and documenting work. Above is my illustrations in the current issue of New Zealand Wedding Magazine.


It looks like this in print, only slightly better because I can never manage to take good photos of magazines.

Anyway, back to drawing!

hope you are all well!

Monday, 19 January 2009

Pretty gift, sweet lisp

I've been scanning some fabricdetails for thank-you-cards, then printed the images on recycled 200 gsm paper. The result is very pretty (i think ha). The cards are just meant as give-aways and not for sale, I wouldn't feel comfortable making money from someone else's designs and efforts. I made a gathered dress for Gabriel's friend Mel's two year old Estelle, they came over from Melbourne to stay with us. Lieveke called it 'the lolly' dress, she made a beaded necklace for Estelle to go with the dress, all by herself. We wrapped the gifts in a funky newspaper blow-up of a red cabbage cut in half, and added one of the new cards.
Lieveke fell over yesterday, right on her mouth... It was all messy and bloody and Gabe and I got into an argument because we didn't really know what to do... We are not very together when our chick is in danger, sigh. Today the damage seems limited : one chipped front tooth and some scratching/teethmarks on the chin, although an xray this afternoon will tell more. The chick is twirling and summersaulting and what-notting as if nothing's happened, with an ever so sweet lisp.

PS : tonight I'll be adding the last 'blooms-dress' to Etsy (edit : it sold already!). -X Lies

Friday, 16 January 2009

wadda ya mean its' over?

I am looking at my calendar right now, and the date says Jan 16th, 2009, but I can hardly believe it. Mentally I am still on holiday and I refuse to come back. Yes, I have been back at work for a few weeks now, and have been doing the necessary chores for living (laundry, cleaning, dog walking, food prep, etc snore snore) but I have been putting off the real work that signifies the start to a new year. Like updating my portfolio, starting a new illustration work, sorting through my closet, and the once yearly REFRIGERATOR CLEAN which involves washing everything down and throwing out all things 2008.

After a really good holiday, the come down can be brutal. I guess it's fair enough that I don't want to live in the real world just yet. Who wouldn't want a few more weeks of beaches, sleep ins, shared meals with friends, afternoons spent reading in the hammock, and absolutely zero responsibility other than feeding yourself and making sure to apply enough sunscreen.

But this is my last week of laze. I think that next week I am going to start a programme called 'Baby Steps Back to Reality: how to comfortably resettle into normal life after great, relaxing experiences.' I suspect its going to be one of those 6 week things, or maybe 12. (It's best not to under estimate the length of adjustment periods).

I have already made a list of things I need to do (baby step), bought a 2009 calendar (baby step), done my first blog post of the year (big baby step), and have wiped down the outside of the refrigerator (baby step). So maybe I have already gotten through week one of the programme. Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

I'll leave you with some holiday photos, ahh the south pacific summer!!! I hope you all had an equally good time :)

Christmas breakfast at my in laws country house

Muriwai, west coast beach

Mushrooms! and other food! we had some great meals with friends at the batch.

Can you spot the handmade ravioli? best meal of 2008.

Luke snapped this one of me dancing on the black sand beach, It was our 5th year wedding anniversary. Five years!


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Lovely lovely

... is what the new Echino fabrics are.

Rich images and colors, good strong linen/cotton blend. I've been singing while sewing with these! Making dresses and skirts for OUI boutique. Lievie shows them off, in her classic pose-then-jump-on bed way. She's wearing a favorite crochet top - by Trelise Cooper, iconic frilly Kiwi designer.

During our holiday-trip I knitted a lacey hearts-hat and tiny socks for little girl number two, with a super gentle 100% bamboo. First time that bamboo, but I'm hooked. Apparently even better than cotton for the baby's skin. We have a shortlist with 4 names now and yes, one favorite name... Exciting! I'm now officially into the 3rd trimester and the little girl is poking hands and feet out. Very cute.

Ah 't is good to be blogging again, I went here for fresh inspiration, all such talented designers :
-Tas-ka - most original eye on everything pretty
-Friedamaria - mesmerising photography, discovered via Fine little Day
-Flor de papel - beauty in paper, via Smosch

Oh : I'll be adding two more springbranch dresses to the Etsy shop tonight - they sold so fast last time... One very happy owner writes how 'poetic' the dress is, that's nice thanks!


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hello, back!

What a lovely break we had. We now have tan toes and refreshed souls. We (well I) scored the cutest pouch from this lovely lady at the Christmas Kraftbomb fair, stashed it with knitting essentials, raided the local shops for baby cashmerino and knitted our (well my) way through the sunny East coast of the North NZ Island. The booties are cuties, from this fabulously fun pattern. I knitted so much -plenty more pics later.
As far as new year resolutions, dare I write it, I'd like to post on our blog a bit more regularly, perhaps twice or thrice a week, but we'll see how we go, 2009 is going to be a big one with a new little one... Ah, must add a photo of the very first pinafore of the new year, more about it in here.

I wish you all a lovely lovely 2009 and btw : thanks so for your comments and feedback in 2008. Through the Christmas craze/break anemone had it's second birthday - we must celebrate this in the coming weeks. I'm making a few 'gift-baskets' to send to some dear blog-friends - but we'll have little give-aways for all.