Tuesday, 30 October 2007

time is on my side

Don't mind the mess reflected in the mirror

Last week was very busy for me, I had a big deadline for an illustration project and had much difficulty finishing it off. I don't want to go into too much detail but I will say that the wind was taken out of my sails (so to speak) and it's taken me some time to recover. After a good weekend, lots of sleep, and some talks with understanding friends, I am now feeling much better.

With the illustration project finished off, I now have time to make things again. So yes, time is on my side.
This is the bag I made today. Though I like it, I am not sure what to do with it, Craftwerk is coming up so I might try to sell it there but I am thinking of putting it on etsy. My hesitation is that etsy is over flowing with tote bags and I am worried it would just get lost in the shuffle. Any thoughts?

There was time to make this basic skirt by doubling up the fabric and adding an elastic waist band. Something just for me:)

I also did a shop update, so there are some new ragtime dolls on our etsy. It's quite important to me that the things I make have integrity and I've noticed is a common mission among crafters. For me, and probably for a lot of crafters out there, seeing my creations in use and functioning well brings a feeling of achievement and satisfaction, as well as a sense of integrity.

I don't have any children yet so it's not as easy for me to 'test' things out. But A friend's five year old daughter came over the other day and I was able to see my ragtime dolls in action. She lined them all up and had an involved game of pretend. Lieveke, who is only 18 months, likes to cuddle them, shake them, and toss them around :) I am glad they seem to be interesting and fun for such a wide age range.

These guys are my favourite out of this batch of ragtime dolls

Well its just about time to go start dinner. I am inspired anew by a great vegetarian cooking book I got for my birthday from Luke's granny. Most of the recipes feature sensible, on hand ingredients for simple, everyday food. There are lots of traditional recipes from different cultures as well as some classics with Vegetarian alternatives. I can't wait to make the Shepard's pie with lentils and kidney beans instead of mince.

hope you are all well.


Saturday, 27 October 2007

Just a little pixie

Oh la la I've been too busy having fun (my lovely unc and auntie from B came over and I HAD to show them EVERYTHING) and not so fun (workworkworkworkohthatisgettingboringsorry)...
Sigh sigh sigh. Not enough words...
Ok, just a little pixie then :

Yes it is Lieveke, trodding towards sheep (she is actually saying baaaaaa too). And because this is a crafty blog : yes I did knit the hat.
I've tried (heavens where does time go...) to add a few things to our Etsy shop, enjoy :
-a new Fruity pinny (more to come, soon, when I know where to find time chuckle chuckle)

-a Tweety skirt in the pink Joel Dewberyy birds, with a green-trees rim (my very very favorite fabric in the whole southern hemisphere)

-and a Tweety skirt in the green JD birds, with a colorful raindrops rim.

I will post some more soon X

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

post birthday post

Not much time for writing, only time for picture taking. Some ragtime dolls I have been making that still need final stitching. I hope to put them in the shop this week sometime.

WOWEEE thanks Helen! Did you know this got to me just one day after my birthday? Fabric, and knitting wool, and collage papers... what great gifts. THANKS mucho!

care to guess my new age? i dare you.

new cards

Thursday, 18 October 2007

These days

My parents are coming from the states in about a months time so I thought they wouldn't mind bringing some fabrics over for me. Gotta love online shopping and low US shipping rates! (thanks mom and reprodepot!)

A selfie I did mainly to teach myself some mad computer skillz. If anyone is interested, I did a little pencil sketch, scanned it in, then played around with photo masking. I also directly scanned in the fabric of the dress I was wearing that day. I drew this when I was trying to sort our finance for our new apartment and got to feeling a little helpless and glum. Imagine that the tea draining from the cup is actually money.

Some collages I did for an album cover that unfortunately won't be used (due to printing issues) ah well. I can share them with you anyway. I am now working on a third version but I can't show it off yet.

Lies and I are planning on a shop update and will do that as soon as we can. But this weekend is full of illustration deadlines (me) and relatives visiting from Belgium (Lies). I can't wait to get into it though:)


Monday, 15 October 2007

Pretty peeks

Take a peek dears:
More touring of the house : this is our dining table, a bit colorful, a bit messy, a bit eclectic and that's just who and what we are! I found 'citron flotant' (as we call it - floating lemon) in an oppy. The tiny painting of a loaf is called 'love hurts' and was made by my friend artist Kim in Belgium, it's the only piece of art I was able to bring here. The awesome embroidery was made by a 15 year old artist, he did a whole series of 'war-scenes'! We purchased it through our friends Robert and Lulu, who have a wonderfully creative clothes and accessories shop in St. Kevins arcade on K Road here in Auckland. Check their web-thing : oui-boutique!

And look at how lovely my little model Sian is. She is my friend Tessa's second child, only 3 months old and simply stunning. Truly, Sian has a distinctively rounded and open face. She reminds me of cherry-blossom somehow. Mama Tessa is an actress, and I think Sianie will be at least just as glamorous in the future! She's modeling a 'Fruity pinnie' in red apples and flowery fabrics, for our Etsy shop.
***update : this red apple pinnie sold the day after I posted it on our blog!***

And last but not least : my yummy find of vintage fabrics. I'm going to make fifties-style toddler tops out of them I think... Oh. I'm so in love with the black-and-pink-number, it will end up in Lieveke's wardrobe for sure! And the green-blue-tufts are so pretty for happy children's gear! And the deco-glam-burbon-motif... And the sweety baskets... I'm going to have sooooo much funnnnnn.

Have nice and sunny week!

Thursday, 11 October 2007


So the big news is we bought this place (but not the furniture shown)! Its a big studio apartment located upstairs in the building we already have already been living/renting in for that past year and a bit. We are pretty happy and feel it was really a blessing. Luke and I can't wait to move in and nest.
I also made these guys yesterday. I call them Ragtime Dolls. Yes it was a marathon session of sewing but I wanted to get some stuff up on our esty (most of the stuff up there is Lies' at the moment). I did a photo session today and got yoshi to endorse them for me (he is such a sell out, he'll do anything for a little attention).

yoshi is looking demure with corduroy rabbit (I realise I am half a step away from 'crazy pet owner' status. I'm okay with this)

Just as I got my Ragtime Dolls listed on etsy, these guys sold!!!! Imagine my surprise! Lies has also sold a couple things so we are walking around with permanent, shocked smiles.

IT GROWS! IT GROWS! This is for you leah, a cathedral quilt update. The hand sewing is taking forever but I am starting to believe I may actually finish this someday. It takes a particular brand of madness to undertake such a quilt. I think anyone who finishes a cathedral quilt should get some sort or congratulatory tattoo. And if it's queen or (gasp) king sized, well, they should outright retire instantly upon finishing (or just after they get their tattoo).

In other news, who has the new radiohead album? (hand raised) Well folks there is nothing stopping you because they have independently released it in two forms. One: a 'pay what you like' Internet download, and two: a $160 (approx) collectors album box set. Brilliant eh?! I think many people will actually pay something (though you could potentially pay nothing) for the download in order to encourage future awesomeness of the like. awesome.

over and out,

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Well it's finally done! COME AND VISIT our new store!!

We have both been absent for the last week and my apologies for that. I was trying to focus on the finishing the esty shop and then Luke and I were housesitting/babysitting for his parents (I was cooking for 7 people every night, its tiring, I tell you!). Lies' camera broke so she hasn't been able to post either.

I have to run but I promise a better update soon with crafty photos and OUR BIG NEWS (yes I keep you hanging).

I have missed your blogs over the past week!