Monday, 22 August 2011



A most perfect envelope : the Kakomu jacket.
My version in baby alpaca. Warm. Soft.  Long and fluid. Blackest. This one  is close to my heart, not only because the designer Kirsten gifted the pattern generously,  but also because the jacket's construction is simply pure, with minimalist cut, clean line and pristine understated detail (reverse stockingstitch, rolling collar, expressed seams).
The partner loves it too, surprisingly.  He is my worst critic, nothing much attains the level of the Gabriel approval, but this jacket was noticed and complimented upon with a little embrace and a whisper 'so nice...'.

More overall pics here and here, and shoulder detail here.
Ravelry tech here.

Friday, 12 August 2011



I need to sprout.  It feels like winter, wet and chilled and glum, is sitting in a corner of the house, sulking.  I will chase it away with something spring and sappy. Athough this one makes the sun shine in a wink too... And so as I've just finished knitting Kakomu (now blocking and hopefully to be assembled this weekend) I think Holl will do the trick.  To be my last winterknit of the year.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Man scape I
Man scape II

the man
when i saw the colour of the cashmere
i knew who it was for
the colour of concrete and land
and in the pattern i saw the land again
ridged, grooved, battered, pathed
grey and green
in one
my one.

(the scapes are stills out of Gabriels videopoems)