Sunday, 31 December 2006

Sparkle sparkle

Very very quickly : have a wonderful 2007 every-one!
May your wishes come true and your (crafty) efforts be rewarded. May your loved ones keep safe and healthy.
This is a drawing by Kimberlee, out of these anemones and corals we chose the simplest to be our emblem. I think the sketch is beautiful and lively though and pretty sparkly, just like fire-works for the new year 2007.

Sunday, 24 December 2006

The auntie-bags!

What to give your relly`s for da fest? Well I thought, it`s beach season, why not some beach bags? Here they are, each named after the family-member who will recieve it as their Xmas-prezzie : auntie Marg, nan Carol, auntie Helen and cozzy Kathleen. And seeing as I was on a roll, I made some felt purses for the little nieces Immy and Eva.

Thursday, 21 December 2006

1950's Housewife

Like many people, I have always been intrigued by the glamorous depictions of the 1950's housewife; her perfectly coiffed hair, beautifully matching dress and heels, and her never failing lipstick smile beaming euphorically over the latest in kitchen technology. And don't forget the frilly apron! Above, is one I have made for myself on the machine I recently got. This is my very first sewing project in 4 years but there will be many more to come.

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

In the Spirit

See what Lies has been making: a card fashioned from scraps of leftover fabric and a retro-looking handbag decorated with the classic granny square. Ahh... homemade gifts!

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas

Well not exactly, these southern hemisphere Christmases are hard to get used to. Since moving to New Zealand all my old indicators of festivities soon to come have been replaced by their total opposites. Instead of days growing shorter, they grow longer. Instead of darkness closing in around 4:30 pm, the daylight lazily lingers until 9 o'clockish. It grows warmer instead of colder. I find myself peeling off layers of unnecessary clothing rather than swaddling myself in fleece and wool. And buying bathing suits in December? absurd! (unless you were one of those lucky kids who had relatives to visit in Florida). My stateside brother's taunts of me living in 'backwards land' are starting to sound quite accurate.

With all this confusion its no wonder that I am having difficulty recognising the holiday season. So what can be done about it? How can I trick myself into thinking that it is Christmas? Well, for starters, I have put up a few reminders. Of course there is the calendar hanging on the wall which accurately states December, but now there are also twinkle lights wrapped around a bouquet of bare tree branches (read Christmas tree), homemade Christmas chocolates in the fridge, and wrapped presents in clear sight. That should do it, right? And if all that fails, I just need to walk down to Queen street and take a long, hard look at the 10 ft tall, mechanized Santa perched atop Whitcoull's book store, coyly winking and wiggling his index finger in the come hither manner of a child predator - reminding us all that it really is Christmas. Thanks Creepy Santa!

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Wednesday, 13 December 2006


Last Thursday, December 7th was our first time as participating vendors at CRAFTWERK ( and oh what a buzz!! With only 15 minutes to set up our stall, it was a scramble to get things ready in time. But thanks to our premeditated plan, Lies and I worked quickly, in unison to display our wares. It was a good thing too because throngs of people showed up bang on 6 pm, and soon St. Kev's was packed with people.

The atmosphere was amazing. People were criss-crossing from table to table, deftly navigating the crowds to see all the pretty things around them. Its inspiring to watch Auckland's creative community; to see what they are making and buying, to overhear conversations (I am a chronic eavesdropper but aren't we all?!) and find out what people are interested in, and to see what everyone is wearing (fashion! fashion! fashion!)

It's extremely bodacious when people are interested in what you are doing. Lies and I did very well, we sold many items, but more than that, many people seemed genuinely interested in what we were up to, where we got our ideas, the materials and methods used, etc. For me, that's where the real buzz comes from.

I could go on and on! But instead I will post some photos later on in the week for all to see.


Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Happy hats!

For the CRAFTWERK fair of last dec 7th Lies made a whole bunch of sunhats in bright fabrics and several baby-sizes (newborn, Small to Medium, Medium to Large). The hats were a succes, so much even that adults wanted them for themselves, oh what a pity and oh so sorry , they are for the tiny-ones!!!

Set of three bibs

These happy hip bibs for a newborn baby (till approx. 1 year old) come in colour/fabric coordinated sets of 3. Lies discovered with her baby that you just can`t have enough bibs, but nowhere could she find bibs that where colourful and different. And soooo.. she made some for the little spillsters! So far mostly girl-versions, but soon a bright butch offer for boy spillers will be available!

Gypsy skirts

These are one size fits all double-layered bohemian skirts for girl-babies from 6 months till 2 years old. They fall widely so the baby doesn`t feel restricted when she`s sitting/crawling/walking. The under-skirt is made of a fine stretchy weave for strength, the top layer of a more dainty material like silk or rayon. Baby Lieveke proudly cooks up a tasty dish in her flower-skirt!

Sunday, 10 December 2006

Kimberlee`s ornaments

preparation for craftwerk

These are some baby dresses that Lies made for the Craftwerk fair on the 7th of december.

Sunday, 3 December 2006


Samples of Kimberlee's envelopes. Because the envelopes are made from recycled media, each piece is a one-off unique item.


Kimberlee makes hand collaged cards and envelopes created from
recycled magazine images


Kimberleee's hand collaged cards and envelopes created from
recycled magazine images


Knitted, in a range of flourescent colours.


Hand-made bibs in original designs

Beanies, skirts, + sunhats

Beanies and skirts, all in vintage or funky fabric. Skirts are double-layered and come in 3 sizes.

Reverseable sunhats.


Lies makes reverseable baby pinafores all in vintage or funky fabric and strength-tested by her baby Lieveke. All items are hand-made and original designs.