Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tamarillo kozue

Voila 't is done.
Sometimes a knitting thing becomes my friend.
My good friend. My soft one. Patient one. Very quiet one. Security blanket one.
Stealing a few rows here and there.
When in doubt, knit a few more.
When tired. only one or two.
Cashmere, lacy-fine and pure.
Slow but steady.
Straight. Long. Wide.
Bright and dark
like yin and yang.
cherry and plum,
jelly and compote,
Elvis and Gorecki.
And : some exquisite filigree holes.
laughing (as Noor, full of interest for this thing of mine, whipes her snotty nose with it)!

A few more pics, as usual, in Flickr.
And the tech low down in Ravelry.
And special thanks to the designer Kirsten, what a wonderful thing you thought up.

Happy day all

Monday, 8 November 2010


Heh indeed.
A few sewingprojects in the last couple of months just didn't work out
and every time I even thought of setting up the overlocker and sewingmachine
there would always be one of my kids
wiggling their nimble 'ooooh must fiddle with such fine machinery' fingers
and so I lost a bit of confidence...
but yesterday Gabriel took the kids for an outing
and I made little jodpurs for Noor out of some cherished lawn
from a self-devised patterny-thingy
-ehm I did slightly mess up the first pair (and the pretty Liberty Pepper fabric)-
but heh!

I also finished a sweet little cotton jumper for Noor, I call it the 'cockles' jumper as it has a row of shells neatly placed in the front. More pics here and here, the Ravelry details here.

Onto something new to knit eh. Interested to see what this yarn does for me.
Sure makes a fine ball.

Happy week!