Wednesday, 11 March 2009

To give (1)

Made this simple but very sweet cardy for the new baby - in softest bamboo again. Then I had some of that lovely stuff left, and so why not knit a few baby beanies to give to you! I've made a black one and am currently working on a turquoise one (will be finished tonight I hope). If you want one (for your wee one, your niece/nephew, your neighbour's new sprout, your best friend's...) just leave a comment, next week Wednesday Lieveke will draw some names out of a beanie.

Hey why don't you give it a go yourself? Here's the in-the round-pattern for the newborn (up to 6 months) beanie, I've sort of made it up along the way. I used 4 bamboo double sided knitting 'sticks', size 3.25 and Cleckheaton pure bamboo - I really recommend this yarn, it's light, silky, ever so soft and it knits up an even and slim stockinette. You can use any yarn that fits the 3.25 sticks really, but some yarns (for instance Debbie Bliss's Baby Cashmerino) will make the beanie more bulky. Takes about 2 sessions of 2 leisurely hours for you to finish this enormous project.

  • CO 80 st, spread over 3 needles (26,28,26)
  • knit in the round till about 5", then :
  • round 1 : [k8, k2tog] x8 = leaves 72 st
  • round 2 : [k7, k2tog] x8 = 64 st
  • round 3 : [k6, k2tog] x8 = 56 st
  • round 4 : [k5, k2tog] x8 = 48 st
  • round 5 : [k4, k2tog] x8 = 40 st
  • round 6 : [k3, k2tog] x8 = 32 st
  • round 7 : [k2, k2tog] x8 = 24 st
  • round 8 : [k1, k2tog] x8 = 16 st
  • round 9 : [k2tog] x8 = 8st
  • knit the beanie cord in the round on these 8 st till cord is about 4",
  • thread through, secure, turn hat right side out, tie a knot in cord
  • as easy as that!
  • if you try it out, happy to help and please do give feedback on the above simple pattern, always room for improvement.

And in the giving atmosphere, those pretty fabrics and the little 'berry-forest' baby vest (hand knit from homespun wool!) came from the generous Sally. Thanks so!

Next week and the week after I plan some more to give - and I know Kimberlee has something up her creative sleeves too, we did promise oodles of time ago (gnaw gnaw guilty conscience) and I for my part am sort of realising that when the new babe arrives I just won't get to it, so there you go, March will be give-aways month, don't miss!

-Lies X


sweetp said...

Oh lovely, I'll give that pattern a whirl one day :)

Melissa said...

very nice- thank you for the pattern and kind giveaway offer! you guys are so generous. that wee cardigan you've made your little one is beautiful.
i quite like that little berry-forest vest, too. i think mum made one like that when keira was a baby-in-progress! xx

Victoria said...

Count me in.
I'd save it for my next baby - planned to have sometime in 2010 or 2011. Serious.

JasperBoy said...

Hi Lies,

I don't know whether I've had the chance to tell you this or not, but I'm going to be a "real" aunty come July.

My sis in London is having the first baby in our family and given the weather over there an Anemone beanie would be just what he (or she) will need.

I really do hope that you are well.

Jen in Melbourne

skymring said...

oh, i'm in! i'm in!!

Rhiannon said...

The wee bub growing in my tummy gave a giant kick at the thought of a new beanie, almost as if to say 'yes mum! it'll be cold by june!'.. So we would love to be in the draw. And I'm a terrible knitter but I maaaaay just give that pattern a whirl too : ) thanks

gabrielle said...

Arlo (8 weeks) says this would be perfect now autumn is here and it is getting chilly in the mornings

Jennifer said...

Dear Lies
Sorry for the silly question, but I have just started knitting and have so far produce two scarves - so you wll understand that your hat pattern is a small challenge for me!!! Would I be able to use circular needs in place of three needles?
Thank you

Kimberlee and Lies said...

Victoria : excellent plan!

Auntie Jen in M : great news (your dress is on the way - I'm gonna write an extensive email to you soon but it turns out maternity leave is busier than work eeh)

Rhiannon : ooh so happy for you - I hadn't realised!!!

Jennifer : NOT a silly question, i didn't do in the round at first either, you can knit the hat on just two needles (like your scarfs) just go : first row knit 80 st, second row purl 80 st and repeat this for 5", then decrease row 1 (knit 8, knit 2 together)X 8 and so on, but do the decreases in the even rows as 'p2tog' (purl 2 together). When you're at the end just sew up the hat-seam (perhaps easiest to start at top with the cord) then turn right side out. Hope that that makes sense to you?

aroha to all - Lies

Sofia's Mama said...

Wow you are both so talented.

I only wish I could knit too, I could give the pattern a whirl.

Anonymous said...