Thursday, 23 December 2010

And please.

Noor is thinking exceptionally deep deep thoughts in that second photo.
Then : woosh she moves on again.
I had such fun thinking up this summer top. The knitting was pretty swift.
The yarn soft and cool and the color rich.
Best thing was that I used one of my favorite rather small Liberty pieces, perfect size for this top. Sewed it on to the knitted part (with the sewingmachine even) and presto.
-Ravelry link here
-and a detail here and the back of the top here.

This was my 35th knitting project of the year!
Aw did I really do that much of it?
You know, it has been so good...
I am mostly at home with my two small muses and making knitted things has fitted right in our little home and its tiny windows of opportunity.
The knitting has grounded me, inspired and uplifted me and sometimes even comforted me. It's given me a richer sense of belonging (posting my impressions/expressions on the blog and on Flickr, getting appreciation and feedback from loyal comments and followers) and of friendly communication (Ravelry, where knitters really do come together).
All that, from my thoughts into my hands, over my needles, to... well : to you!

So thank you all so much and please
*be safe
*and peaceful
*and together
*and well.
*Stay well too.
Happiest of holidays to you.


Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mademoiselle fairyclocks

Been busy. Feels good.

I made Lieveke's dress, with Liberty fairyclocks fabric, adapting a pattern from this book.
I made full use of the one yard of this lovely lawn, bias hemming the dress for extra length.
She loves it and so agreed to pose for only three gummy bears.

Also knitted her an assorted little 'sahara' vest, from supersoft surimerino. Again she likes. She forgot to charge me gummies for this pose heh.

Then I finished little yoga socks for myself- bright blue ones , have a look.
And I am tinkering on a whole new - victorian- project...

Ravelry details :

-sahara vest : click here

-Fuji socks : this way.

It is snowing back in Belgium but It's getting sticky hot here. Funny world.
Just you keep warm/cool friends