Monday, 29 September 2008

kraftbomb: go team CRAFT

well I first must say that my internet has been semi down for the last week. We got switched over to a new network and its been funny ever since- disconnecting every 1 minute on the dot and then slowing way way down, then speeding up too fast for our modem to handle. (but don't worry, the problem is being fixed and we are getting major discounts and a new modem from our internet service provider, so they aren't really that bad) ANYWAY, Posting has been tricky and reading blogs has been even worse. Thanks for bearing with me loyal friends and still stopping by, even though I have not been able to reciprocate. I can't wait until midweek when our new modem arrives and I will be wirelessly checking you out.

I made a lot of toys for the kraftbomb which I am showing off now. I will try and put up some pictures of the actual market once our kraftbomb buddies release them. I was far too tired to take any myself on the day (daylight savings srtikes again!) so I will be using the official ones hopefully:)

goooooooooooooo wildcats! (said in cheerleader chant)

wabbit brigade

little wabbits: fat and thin

Since it is my b-day coming up, I got some great gift ideas at the kraftbomb to tell Luke about. Also my mom requested a "wish list" and everything I put on it was from an etsy store. so GO TEAM CRAFT.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. And for those of you who lost an hour of sleep through daylight savings: sister, I feel you. It's got me too. You'd think one hour wouldn't make that much of a difference but then you'd be wrong.

coming up: aoteroa clothes swap satisfied customer (a quick interview with myself about getting my new scarf, photos included)


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

fashion guru yoshi says....

and also "join the clothes swap movement!"

if you are a Kiwi with a flickr account, have your pick from other people's wardrobes and also add some clothes in too, because its all about giving.

go HERE to join group.

hope you are having a good week!

ps. why we have been so quiet:
are you going to be there? we are!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

on magazines and being world famous, one country at a time.

Well folks, we are famous! and by we I mean kiwi craft bloggers. World Sweet World just hit shelves this week and if you have a peek inside there is a little article I wrote about our community. I interviewed anemone (lies, not myself, though that would have been interesting) , tiny happy, lilys make believe, anknel&burblets, and stripy sock studio!
my illustration for the article

Also inside are MANY MANY more interesting things inside such as tutorials on how to make a hoodie, a solar oven, and stencil screen printing. Also hear from other Kiwi creatives about grass roots business, sustainibility, and life in NZ. Go HERE to see about getting your copy!

another magazine worth checking out is frankie (though it's aussie not kiwi).

This issue features
  • various artists making it on their own
  • an article on those dolls (blythe?) which I am trying to understand (what's the obsession?)
  • a toilet paper review
  • some fashion: vintage style one piece swimsuits!!!
  • some crafty ideas: a tutorial for making a retro style tissue box holder
  • and a free wall poster by illustrator mel stringer.

yeah I am definitely their target market.

ah yes, RUSSH, my favourite south pacific fashion magazine. They get me every time with their collage layout style, their tributes to yesteryear, and their profiles on interesting creatives.

many of the fashion spreads are raggamuffin-esque, with layers of varying textures and materials. Even though I know its not, much of it looks like stuff you could score on a really good op shopping day- as though the outfits were put together by a a super stylish art student on a shoe string budget. Street fashion kicks runway fashions butt almost every time. well I think so anyway.

Also in RUSSH an advertisement booklet for the new Kookai collection, which I had never heard of before. I think I like the photography and the movement of the fabric more than the actual dresses. but wowee none the less.

Lets all put of flowing dresses and meet at the beach in 15, okay?
see you there,

ps a list of things that have broken in the last week, or, why my sister asked me if we have a poltergeist living here:

the electricity
our only speaker system
the telephone
our front door handle and lock
yoshi's collar (while outside near a busy road!)
Luke's mobile charger
and something smells in the kitchen but I don't know what.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

lets talk about beauty

Lately I have been thinking about beauty, I want my definition to stretch out so that more things become beautiful to me or so that I notice the beautiful things around me. or something. Even though I can't articulate it very well, I think its working. When I found this little thing stuck in my hair my first thought was 'how beautiful! A tiny tree attached to my head!'.

maybe you should check your hair right now for some tiny objects that may or may not be beautiful. go ahead!

Luke took a picture of our pillows stacked up like so. which I also think is beautiful and I am not sure I would have before.

Auckland Public Art Gallery is being renovated right now, and since I live on the same street I notice the going ons. Someone this week has written this on the sidewalk in GIANT chalk letters:

"no matter how many artworks I see, nothing is as beautiful as a tree"

Which for the record I do not agree with, but I like the challenge it presents.

On another note, Thanks very much to Sally from Quite a Handful for these quality quilting fabrics that I was lucky enough to win from her giveaway.

The generosity of bloggers always impresses me. so thankyouthankyouthankyou.

regarding the comments from my last post: aawwww shucks! you guys are too kind :)

happy start of the week. It's going to be a good one, I can just tell.

Friday, 12 September 2008

a little showing off

It's that time again... yes New Zealand Wedding Magazine has hit the shelves which is exciting because my second illustration for them is in this issue. Let's have a look, shall we?

ta da! but again with the down the gutter layout which I have no control of, oh well. So nice to see my work in print, I really wish this happened more often.

here is the non printed version, maybe you have already seen it on my illustration site, but I waited to post it here (I think) until it was officially printed.

ah yes, that's me!

also if you want to see my first illustration for NZ wedding, I posted about it here.

I have many things to look forward to this weekend including but not limited to:
  • almost not being sick anymore
  • yoshi school (dog training with my favourite canine)
  • my soon to be sister in laws 'kitchen party' at my in laws place
  • and my second Sunday working at my new job.
  • finishing my 3rd NZ wedding illustration (deadline is Monday!)

have a good weekend everyone!

Monday, 8 September 2008

kraftbomb: the full report


Kraftbomb was wonderful and far exceeded our expectations in many respects. The organisers Karla and City, were totally on top of all the details, the promo was so successful that the only problem was lack of space. So many people turned up that we are definitely looking forward to the larger venue for Nov.

Hi Lies!
Me and my gear are missing from this picture because I arrived late. I am trying to balance my new part time job into my other part time jobs, it's kinda challenging but it will get sorted. I did make it there just before it officially started.

We couldn't have ordered a prettier day. Just outside the main hall was the musician and an area for kids and families to hang out. This was especially helpful when the crowds got overwhelming, I felt like dashing out and having some playground time at a few points during the day.

So many people! we were back in the corner to the left and I can't even see us through the crowd.

oh the bright happy stalls! There were many of the usual suspects from craftwerk but also some new sellers. here of course is toggle, an old favourite.

vandalised vintage

nut and bee with playful illustration on stationary, stickers, badges, and magnets.

Jelly Bones, with their jewelry which looks edible but is not. I got one of the scrabble necklace this time.the darling Lilly's Make Believe. I really MUST make it a priority to get one of Olivia's owl necklaces, they always sell so fast!

wool is the new cool, which I still can't get over! I mean, see those tampons? yes those are knitted tampons.

geek freaks! and karla (the organiser) from the neck down.

Ran with Scissors looking nifty with their black and red theme. I picked up some of the braille tags and am now awaiting the perfect occasion to use them.

And this beautiful set up belongs to Cheek Pinchy. Kirsten's cards and collage blocks sold like hot cakes and I can see why!

the raffle consisted of homemade with love donations from all the stalls, we put in a little wabbit and a quilted bib. The lucky winner was a female from Mt. Eden and all the raffle money is now going towards promotion for the next kraftbomb. which is Sunday September 28th, 1-4 pm at the Greylynn community centre.

so now that you can see how wonderful it was, why don't you stop by?

ALL PHOTOS ARE COMPLIMENTS OF CITY & KARLA and can be viewed at their flickr page. thanks guys!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Break (two/too)

We're having some 'pyuda'-free days as well, perhaps from this pic you can tell we really need it...

There is probably no hope for Gabriel in particular ...

On Kimberlee's previous little post : get well soon friend - hope it's not the thing I got cause it lingers on for quite while...


Barack Obama at the 2008 DNC

I am at home with the flu with so I am taking a break from blogging until I am well.

Here is Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention for you to view while I am away. I may also post McCain's speech at the RNC in the spirit of fairness.