Friday, 26 March 2010

Tres pink

I'm not a very pink mama, I'm not.
But my girls... So it had to be hot pink, I can live with hot spunky pink.

Noor : La droguerie cache coeur in La droguerie alpaca Framboise with plumette Toge.
The pattern, as always, is simple (garter, one piece) yet intriguingly interesting (shaping, wrap construction).
The color combination of the yarns has to be one of my very favorites ever, so rich and fierce and bright. Like!

That's the last of my La droguerie yarn all used up now, thanks again Julie and Anne.

Lieveke : Heather Ross double gauze unicorn dress, pattern from
this book.
Ah. The dress turned out to be a challenge - too wide,too short... It lived in the 'will finish some day soon' cupboard for a long time. Then earlier this week I got it out, added an orange belt, bias kimono-style neck-edges and some sort of skirt-hem-extension. Et voila it fits sweetly. Lieveke is besotted.

A pretty place, this.


Friday, 19 March 2010

{k6} - a birthday gift

For Emily.
She is petite, light, lovely.
A little Kiri shawl- two balls of kidsilk haze, shade majestic.
Lacey softness. Silky sweetness.
And in between, the last of the summer's prettiest Hibiscus.
I think autumn started just a minute ago.

Have your weekend nice and soft,

Monday, 8 March 2010

Fabric love

I admit to a penchant for contrast printed fabrics.

The above :
1. a very very fine knit, fabric remnant - just enough for a big scarf or top
2. draped tunic
3. silk scarf - Marni - heavens what an excellent oppy-find!
4. Nani Iro fabric - on the wall in our bedroom.

Have a sweet week!

spring fresh and knitting away


spring fresh and knitting

spring fresh and knitting

flowers when you are sickie

unmade bed

Getting lots of flowers while I spend my sick days in bed knitting away.
Is anything sweeter than knitting for newborns?

Let me know if you know any good *free* patterns for babies and newborns. I slightly modified this one for these hats.

happy weekend, xoK

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Fifth finished knitting project of the year.
Pebbles Cardy for Lieveke. Fun pattern. Perfect fit.
Rowan felted tweed. Rowan felted tweed. I just have to repeat. Seriously, such lovely stuff to knit with. The color is called 'Melody' but I really feel like it should be called 'Old Rose'. Cause the tweedyness makes it look like those dried old dusty pinkish roses, ha.
And Lieve is pleased too, it is pretty AND it does have a bit of pink.
She has worn it two days in a row, it is still about 28 degrees celcius here...

Love love this one, check out the crochet treasures.

O sweetness : new nani iro 2010.