Friday, 28 January 2011


I made another dress for Noor, out of some Liberty lawn. This fabric has the name 'Hanako' which means flowerchild. I like the delicate grey tones of this particular colorway so much.
The dress is a tad biggish, I want Noor to wear it for several seasons... I applied 'proper' sewing techniques this time (bias skirt and edgings, voile lining, button strap)... I'm well pleased with the result, the dress looks very finished despite the simple cut.
The flowerchild herself had to be bribed into a picture. She too was very pleased, with the biscuit.
She is going through some growing pains of late - she has trouble with afternoon-sleeps, some days now she has no day sleep and just goes straight to nighttime beddy. She's not too difficult, and I mustn't complain as Noor has been the champion of sleeps (she did 3 to 4 hour ones right up until now) but I am having difficulties to fine tune myself to a full day life without nap (read- personal break or catch your breath). Also the making of little things (knitting/sewing) and 'netting' (blog, flickr, rav) seems now reserved for nights only...

Wishing you a happy weekend

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Blue period

This year I want to do more sewing, for myself too.
I must make use of my piles of really beautiful fabrics.
And so : a new top, from the famed Drape drape 2 book.
I am well pleased with the result, never thought I could make that.

Of course I am knitting too : 'Le(s) Samourai',
new socks - a little ode to one of my most adored films : Le Samourai.
The deep Koigu inky blue reminds me of the exquisite Samurai (Alain Delon's perfectly blue-black hair and cold steel eyes, ahh).
The complexity of the sock pattern seems to be paralleling the Samurai's meticulous procedure of work, war, rule, balance. The plethora of techniques for these socks (magic cast on, knitting on one circular, cableing, chartreading, shortrowing...) requires skill and patience. Some might think that sock-knitting is naf. It's not (wink).
It's splendid.

Happy week friends

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A new year...

Every year
again :
Celebrate a beginning
after finishing an end
-maybe you too
will make things,
and have daughters
that 'are awesome'
or have just discovered ice-blocks
and maybe you too will look back
with grateful eyes
and then
look forward
with a hungry smile.

So nice to have you here again friends

ps. I finished my first knit of the year : Rinaldo, I love love love it.