Friday, 29 May 2009

Going now!


I thought this collage I recently made perfectly captured the drama I am feeling about leaving NZ. "good bye!" it shouts, "I'll miss you!"

Tonight we are having our leaving drinks with friends which I am really looking forward to.

At work earlier this week, I received flowers, presents (a very cool moleskin diary among other things), cake, and was taken out to lunch! What a mighty a send off. Perhaps the most meaningful moment was when all my co-workers publicly affirmed me. Sounds kind of strange, and to be honest, it felt a little strange too. But I think it's GOOD to give people time & space to say all the nice things they think but never say. I feel its crying shame that we only publicly affirm people in speeches when they get married or die.

Anyway, I will not really be gone from this blog. the plan is to keep talking all the way from Berlin! So this isn't good bye.

If you think of it, I am coming down with a cold and really do not want to be sick on our 29hr and 50 min flight (if you count layovers). Any prayers, good thoughts, happy vibes, and positive energy you want to throw my way, well I would just appreciate that a whole bunch.

Okay next we "talk"...
"ich bin ein berliner"


Monday, 25 May 2009

More you pretty (given) things

We are so lucky I tell you, some people are so generous that we have to repeat : we are so lucky I tell you. The above are just a VERY small selection of the massive parcels those generous friends sent, I just picked these because I felt yellowish and craved some sun today I guess (outside is rainy gray).

-Rosie Flo colouring in book for Lieveke, from Charlotte
-retro cross-over top and daffodil baby slippers, from Melissa

-funky kitten skirt for Lieve and baby pants for Noor from Jen,
who chose carefully from this wonderful shop.



sigh :

thank you



Oh and I do like these colorful Dutch blogs :




I discovered them via my new favorite Julija's wardrobe (sewing AND knitting AAAND Belgian).

I hope the sun does come through for all this week

Thursday, 21 May 2009

a review of sorts

self priting kit
I have always thought it a shame that my cards don't have something on them to help my customers get in touch with me or connect to our blog if they desire. Since I have large order of cards I am trying to fill before I move, I decided to get my hands on a self stamping and printing kit. It worked perfectly and the end result looks better than I imagined. Since these little kits are under $40, I am recommending it to you with two thumbs up.

self priting kit
It works just like a miniature printing press. You just take the tiny letters, line them up backwards on your plate, then stamp away. Lining up the microscopic letters was painstaking, I'll be honest, but the backwards part was easier than I expected. My kit came with extra letters; the standard large set and an additional smaller set. This allows you to play around with your design more and fit in more text. The extra $5 this cost was well worth it.

self printing kit
Here it is all lined up on my plate and ready to go. My plate allows for four lines of text, some allow for five so that is something to be aware of. My kit also came with 2 plates so that you can have two different bits of text ready to go.

self priting kit
For a bit of colour I also got this wood carved stamp from trade aid.

self priting kit
and TA DA! Now that the backs of my cards are claimed by my stamp, there will never be any question about who made them!

So if you are interested you can get this at warehouse stationary or paper plus (I know, not my top stores either). There are a few different kinds but I got the "Shiny s-883."

Okay so there you have it, my first and maybe only product review. :)

I leave you with my favourite card from this order. I call it, "I dream of kitties!"

Emily & Beau's wedding is tomorrow night so I am headed over to her place now for a frantic wedding cake baking session. wish me luck!

Also T minus 12 days before we got to Berlin! We are getting kind of desperate for housing so if anybody has some hook ups, please let me know. (we've emailed over 20 people who are renting out there rooms, but have only heard back from 2. What gives?)


Monday, 18 May 2009

Oh you pretty things

1. gorgeous tiny and softest matinee-jacket (Elisabeth Zimmermann pattern) knit by our dear friend Emily, for Noor. I added the buttons, Emily hates sewing on buttons, but I love!

2. i'm at it again friends - managed to sew two new pinafores for the long suffering Etsy shoppe, still have to add some finishing touches - hope to post them on wednesday

3. wonderful earflap-hat sewn by our dear friend Hanna. The flowery-flaps are baby-cord. Snuggalorious. Originally for Lieveke, a tad too small now but I think perfect for Noor come springtime.

4. aha. my. new. dress. From Gabe and his parents, for my birthday. To wear at Emily's wedding. This friday, yay.

Have a happy week now!


Friday, 15 May 2009

wedding planning

wedding planning afternoon

This past weekend we got together at Lies' house for a session of wedding planning for Emily! The proper wedding is happening in their Candian homeland, but we are having an celebration here in NZ before they head off.

Just about every time I go over to Lies house, I feel the need to take hundreds of snap shots because every little corner is filled with something bright, interesting, and very inspired -just like dweller of the house themselves. There is always something different; a new toy, drawing, knitted blanket, cushion cover, and so on. My eyes don't have a chance to get bored!

winter garden invite
Emily wants the celebration to be held at these beautiful indoor winter gardens, isn't that fabulous? And so we are going to do it! Here is a little collage I designed for the e-vite... working off of the ideas of winter, garden, and some of emily's favourtie colours.

my portfolio

Also another big thing this week, dropping off my finally completed portfolio book to my new agency! international rescue are now representing me as an illustrator which I am very happy about. If anybody would like some tips about portfolio books and you live in auckland, I would sure be happy to talk. I learned a lot about printing and bookbinding through this process.

Off to an appointment with my accountant, which will be about as much fun as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. oh well, these things must be done.

merry weekend everybody!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Every beginning is small.

I made a baby quilt for Lieveke once, she is very attached to it and as it's too small for her big bed, we now wrap it around her pillow, it's her 'cosy pilly case'.
I want to make something for Noor. I do feel like crafting! But so little time... So : I've started making her a granny square blanket, that way I can crochet a few squares every so often, and take it slow. And using up some of my baby cashmerino leftovers/stash, that feels healthy. I hope to finish her little blanket by the time I have to go back to work ( which is only in one month heeelp). The good thing about these blankies is that they can 'grow' : when Noor is too small for her cot, I could add another batch of squares and so on.
Anyway, that's the grand plan, for now it's just sweet beginnings.


Monday, 11 May 2009

let's hear it for the moms!

happy mothers day

Happy mothers day

happy mothers day

happy mothers day

happy mothers day

happy mothers day

For all you mothers out there, this is a collection of photos I took on this Mothers day weekend. I hope it was a really great day for you, where you felt special and loved.

At work we asked the primary school kids, What does honour your mother mean? They came up with: respect, encourage, help. Not bad.

Also on mother's day morning for the mums: Flowers, gifts, stories from 3 generations of women (grandmother, mother, daughter), a film made by the kids about their mums, india ink portraits and/or art work for the mums, melting moments, poetry written by the children, hand painted murals, and love hearts galore. t'was good!

happy mothers day

Here is a collection of my favourite old pictures of my beautiful, beautiful mom. Thanks for the good raisings, (and please don't be mad that I stole all the best pictures from the family photo drawer.) I wish I could be there to bring you breakfast in bed!

ps. today is my nz citizenship ceremony!
pps. second photo down is a card I saw hanging on the wall at Lies' house. I am not sure who the artist is but maybe Lies can fill us in.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Noor is now 2.5 weeks. She is delightful and so easy. Lieveke has adapted to a shared ruling of the universe and is completely delighted in her turn - a little sis that sleeps just about 20 hours a day is not much of a ruler to share with in the first place. All is good.
'Course I'm tired (visitors, visitors, and night-feeds - I'd forgotten about it) but satisfied into the deepest of my heart. I'm even considering crafting again (but alas I need a few more hours a day)... But soon I hope!

Thank you : every one of you that commented on the arrival of Noor - your kind wishes make us feel so rich! Thank you thank you : especially Jen (of Melbourne), Charlotte and Sanne - your parcels are TOO generous and you are loved friends. Thank you thrice : Kimberlee - I know you are very busy with immanent Berlining - your lentil-dish and apple-pie were so delish, much much appreciated. Thousand thank yous to Emily - skilled cook (too much to sum up), gentle doctor and caring friend who's held my hand a few times these 2.5 weeks when I needed a little company and reassurance, although it's my second babe : scary things are just as scary but we devised knitting plans and combed through SOME of Emily's yarn stash by way of therapy in distracting the motherly nerves.

In the photo Noor wears a cute cardi-thing that I knit mostly during the waiting days before she was born. I used this simple pattern (the beauty lies in the simplicity), only I shortened the sleeves (to a perfect fit, what luck) and used a shimmery pearly-colored Snuggly Bamboo (with a hint of wool), it's ever so lovely.

Arohanui (Maori for lots and lots of love)