Tuesday, 7 July 2009

bike ride through rural east berlin

This weekend we took a train outside of the city and were surprised to find that in less than 20 minutes the urban landscape had completely transformed into picturesque countryside. Our German friend and guide takes these bikes rides almost every weekend in the summer, sometimes biking 6 hours to Poland! I might need to work up to that one, because the 35ks we did was just plenty for me at this point.

Along the way:

rural east berlin as seen by bike
riding through the country side of former east germany

one of the many lakes
taking a dip in one of the many lakes we passed by,

rural east berlin as seen by bike
country produce stand with honey&marmalade, put your money in the box & please be honest!

dbant, east german car from the 1960s
a rare spotting of the classic 1960s East German car the 'Trabant', see more here
rural east berlin as seen by bike
Biking through the tiny villages and enjoying the old style houses.

rural east berlin as seen by bike
the landscape reminded me of northern Wisconsin sometimes.

My creation
We spotted some sour cherry trees that were perfectly ripe, YUM!

I have plenty more pictures of all the things we have been up to here so if you are interested go here. Hope you are all staying warm in NZ, I am going to visit blogs this avo to catch up on the many cozy scenes of winter baking, knitting, and fireside warmth.



Lynn said...

so very beautiful. Wonderful pics. and descriptions. Your artistry shows through everywhere!

ruby in the dust said...

looks so warm; even a dip in a lake! and those cherries...

seo said...

facts about cherries :-)

Cherries are related to plums, peaches, apricots, and almonds, plus many others from this vast and versatile Rose family. Cultivated cherries descended from two wild species, P. avium, the ancestor of the sweet varieties, and P. cerasus, the parent of the sour types. Both are native to western Asia.

Anonymous said...

No wonder so many Germans settled here in Wisconsin; it must have really looked like home! I've seen some of those honor system produce stands around here, too.

Beautiful pictures!
Green Bay

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

All looks so amazing Kimberlee! I hope you might have a second for me when I hit Berlin. Hope everything continues to be so super. xx

melissa said...

wow, kimberlee. i love berlin even more now.
enjoy the summer!

hanna said...

wow, all so beautiful. I'm jealous.
The lake dip! The quaint roadside stall. The cherries!
You look like you are having a lovely time.
Ps I have tagged you lovely ladies - but don't feel obliged.

Anonymous said...

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