Sunday, 10 January 2010

cozy winter

in die kirche

get your skates on

christmas markets

giving thanks

pssst. I am still here. i've just been enjoying the beautiful winter here in Berlin.
and a bit romantic.
The snow absorbs the sound so all is quiet.

Getting used to a winterwonderland again has been a fun task and very nostalgic of my minnesotan childhood. I always wear two pairs of sock, unterhosen and (fake) fur lined boots. everyday.

rosy cheeked children are pulled to school in sleds, fat flakes of snow fall like confetti (nature's constant party), and I worry about breaking a hip on the ice.

We stay in and eat long meals with friends, watch films, and listen to radio programs.

ah winter. you can stay awhile.

keep cozy.



Anonymous said...

Sounds dreamy. You have a way with words...and pictures.

Lies said...

Hey hey back there!!! Lovely post! Wishing you guys the bestesest of new years and keep it warm XXX

Heart Felt said...

Beautiful photographs and a gorgeous post. xx

Ruby in the Dust said...

it sounds wonderful and cozy; have fun!

Auckland Street Style. said...

wow I long for a winter like this! if only our rain turned into snow every once and a while. xx

fiona said...

hello! and a super 2010 to you.
it's nice to hear from you. missed you! looks like winter wonderland where you are.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Here we seem to close the schools at the first himnt of snow! We are so unprepared here in England!

Happy New Year,

Sarah x