Wednesday, 9 February 2011


{k3} Violette
Sometimes I need to make something easy peasy.
This pretty shrug for Lieveke was just that.
She on the other hand, felt like making something complex.
A birdhouse with sliding door and guestquarters.

{Ravelry link : Violette}


Hannah said...

It looks lovely,

Specially liking the colour, =) and of course the bird house,!

victoria said...

I think the yarn hanging on the wall like that makes a really nice decoration.

Lies said...

Victoria : If it was left to me the whole house would be hung with yarn. Flung with it. Draped and smothered and covered and what not. I can only do this ball thing for pictures. My man makes me put my woollies back in the cupboard. Of all places.