Friday, 4 March 2011


People, no more knitting holes.
It was very philosophic and all, but...
the Swiss cheese sarf was the oldest and longest of my unfinished projects.
I cast it off last night and I feel light.
Although it is very beautiful it was a somewhat lengthy exercise with very fine yarn and rather small needlesize. Oh so good to have it finished. Yodel-a-ee-tee (indeed, a cheesy Swiss pun).
More dramatic pics of scarf : here and here
Ravelry details here.

And hey I also finished a most perfectly simple hat and some very complicated socks :)
the Rikke hat : pic and Rav.
the Samourai socks : pic and Rav.

Happy weekend


brooke said...

I love the hat!

childrens birthday venue said...

Just after you have finished all your hard work, there is a new wool taht does all the hard work for you and gives you fantastic ruffled scarf effects - it is at knitworld I think (it was in their latest brochure)