Thursday, 21 April 2011


I've been making lots and lots of late,
-a cashmere cardi for Noor and
-a supersoft superblue scarfwrap for myself.
Making lots more too, but I can't keep up photographing it all...

My two best ever projects,
-Lieveke (now 5) and
-Noor (now 2)
happily and colourfully celebrated their birthdays con brio.
It all goes too fast.

And luck was my friend all through the week :
after winning the pattern for her new design Kakomu,
I got a massive giftparcel from Kirsten,
crammed with beautiful things,
one of them a stunning scarf in a limey chartreuse,
which happens to be my favorite colour.
The colour of kindness.
The colour of gratitude.

Happy Easter all!


Ellemme said...

This superblue scarf is amazing! I love this colour and its intensity! I like so much too the chartreuse scarf (I was just looking for those two colours this week..)
Happy Easter to you too!

coeuralouvrage said...

Je suis admirative, tout est si raffiné

Et-fée-mère said...

Bonjour du bout du monde, tes photos sont fantastiques:)

SharePoint Web Hosting said...

Cute photos!

Jacinta said...

Amazing colour on the scarf! I love it!