Thursday, 30 June 2011



Ah now this took rather a while to make, but then it’s worth every minute, hour, day and month… All done and I’m almost sad as I so adore knitting very fine and drapey stockingfabric with this wonderfully soft and fine single ply, I could go on for nearly ever.  Very pleased though with this lightweight basic cardi - it gives endless possibilities for styling. It looks quite chic on a longsleeved black shirt or dress, more leisurely on T with J(eans), sweet with sailor stripes. 


One Flew Over said...

Gorgeous! It looks so soft x

Infinite Monkey said...

Wow, that is beautiful! I wish I could have a wee margin of your cleverness (I wish I'd paid attention to mum's efforts to teach me to knit).

Anonymous said...

What a lovely cardi! such fine knitting requires the patience I lack at the moment.
Lovely Blog.