Monday, 22 August 2011



A most perfect envelope : the Kakomu jacket.
My version in baby alpaca. Warm. Soft.  Long and fluid. Blackest. This one  is close to my heart, not only because the designer Kirsten gifted the pattern generously,  but also because the jacket's construction is simply pure, with minimalist cut, clean line and pristine understated detail (reverse stockingstitch, rolling collar, expressed seams).
The partner loves it too, surprisingly.  He is my worst critic, nothing much attains the level of the Gabriel approval, but this jacket was noticed and complimented upon with a little embrace and a whisper 'so nice...'.

More overall pics here and here, and shoulder detail here.
Ravelry tech here.


One Flew Over said...

It looks beautiful!


kirsten said...

i love this post - esp the whisper from Gabriel - LOVE it. xx

Vanessa said...

simply lovely :)

Sweetp said...

Simply stunning, well done x