Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Le plan

Lesson 1,2
Blanche neige
Noir de noir

Now that I've finished Chaleur, a test for Julie, and it is impatienly block-drying...
I'll show you my holiday plan.
Fabric : Yoshiko Jinzenji linen and white leather
Books : Drape drape 3 and Lesson1,2
Ehm bit of knitting : new project Limacon in Shibui Heichi.

Oh :  this !


Lilly said...

Brilliant!!!! In my biblio, I have the same books(pounds).
I crossed(spent) a long moment on your blog, to look your realized,
I like your work!!! You have golden fingers.

Claire said...

Chaleur... I 'm waiting for the yarn I ordered... Can't wait to cast on... And can't wait to see yours too!

and "this"... Oh yes! the most difficult is to THE good fabric:)

Claire said...

sorry... to "find" THE good fabric (of course)

Julia said...

'Le plan' is always bold, will 'le result' be as bold?

theperfectnose said...

My partner picked up Drape Drape 3 for me when he was in Japan, I've yet to make anything from it though! XD

I don't have blogger so if you don't have disqus I can't see your response. Sorry.