Thursday, 26 January 2012

Passionate acorns

A new cardigan for the miss.
I worked on this off and on.
Loved it, hated it. ripped it, reworked it, put it away, dug it up again, gave up, picked up again and ...stuck with it.
Now, it's pretty good.
She is so happy with it.
That means I am happy too. It really does.
We are having the big summer holidays here
and after 5 weeks together, we tend to fight like cats at times.
She is so stubborn and so passionate.
She gets it from me, no doubt.

More pics here, Ravelry details here


Craftysquirrel said...

Love the colour and the pattern. I'm mid way though a tiny tea leaves cardigan for my daughter in dark grey which is very similar - currently on hold waiting for colder weather to inspire me to finish it!

helenem said...

Beautiful ! congrats !

Andi said...

Beautiful color choice. Love this cardigan. Good luck on the rest of the summer holiday!

Maryse said...

Very nice cardi! Very cute model too!