Friday, 9 March 2012

影 ka-ge

Kage sheen

They say 
the soul is seamed with the shadow 
and when you move 
they flow in harmony.

I was so so lucky to test knit Kirsten's wonderful new design.
Utterly beautiful. Utterly wearable too. Looks chic on jeans even.
Stunning linen yarn too...
Ravelry details of my test.
(Sorry for the fuzzy ipad pics, my trusty little fujicamera has retired...)


Claire said...

Really gorgeous with this flaming red... And so elegant!

Zimbo said...

magnifique !

kimberlee said...

I really like how the straight knit meets up with bias (slanted knit). very nice shape too! great pattern :)

tamaraerbacher said...

She's a clever girl:) You've done a beautiful job. xxt

Manda said...

Amazing! I can't believe you actually knit that. So fine and lightweight!