Monday, 8 June 2009

Sock-knitters of the world

...unite and take over.

So this is what I get up to when only little windows of crafty opportunity ,
in late autumn colors :

1. jaywalker baby socks (ravelry!) in Lieveke's size, Regia - Kaffe Fasset colorway
2. tiny baby mermaid socks, made by Emily
3. more Lieveke socks, Regia variegated sockwool
4. and more more Lieveke socks, again Regia - Kaffe Fasset colorway (my favorite color combination and Regia is excellent sock wool btw : machine wash- AND dryer- able!)
If ten years any soul dared to suggest that I'd be knitting socks in the future I would have surely and smugly asked them to step out of my coolest aura-space and beam themselves up to nerdy-land. Hee.

If your Fench is up to scratch - check the lovely free patterns of Crea' Tricot. Otherwise just be inspired by these sweet projects!

NB Gabs m'dear I finished the jaywalkers on friday - it counts eh?
NB2 that weird last pic is Lieveke 'making a mushroom shadow' with her parasole. And why not.

All of you have a great first winter/summer week now
- Lies


sweetp said...

heh go you on the finishing!! I am in awe of you!! Lots of knitting and a tiny small babe. Go you! The socks all look great, I am like you, never in a billion years would I have thought I'd EVER be knitting socks. They are fun though arent they?

Te Araroa said...

Cute socks! I did a double take when I saw the first ones - I am wearing a pair I knitted in the same yarn but in adult size - and I used the sunrise chevron sock pattern rather than the jaywalker, but still ... (sunrise chevron is like the jaywalker but with some eyelet action)

hanna said...

I'm jealous! wish I wasn't such a slow knitter!

ruby in the dust said...

Same here; those socks looks so beautiful, yet impossible to make!!

Iris said...

I adore these socks! Any chance they'd feature in your Etsy shop for us slow-knitters? ;-)

Sally Anne said...

Yay, knitters of socks unite !!
Great socks Lies, I love those colours.

Building home said...

just good enough for me..