Friday, 26 June 2009

turkish markets

Twice a week in Kruezburg the street turns into a Turkish market place. With limited German skills and absolutely no turkish, shopping can be a little intimidating but we find it's the best place for fresh fruits, veggies, and spangled belly dancing tops.

germanyweek - 11
There is some really amazing food here and its all super cheap. Were talking feta, olives, fish, hummus, handmade sweets, flat breads, produce galore, hot food stalls, etc. One of these days I am going to splurge on nuts, dried fruit, and baklava but we are trying to live frugally at the moment.... though I am sure I can figure out a way justify these things as necessities.

turkish markets
The market is not all Turkish....

turkish markets
but it mostly is.

germanyweek - 09
Okay brace yourselves NZers, you can get a kg of fresh olives for 3 euros. That alone has made this move worth it.
My creation
Its not just a food market, you can actually find all sorts of pretty things to look at. Two different ideas of pretty pictured here :)

turkish markets
When I get back into the mood for crafting, all the buttons, ribbons, and fabric I need will be waiting for me here. One of my current flatmate is a puppeteer/playwriter/musican who has a sewing machine, so I have the hook up. But I am not missing crafting yet. strange.

germanyweek - 07

Anyway, I have not been updating as much as I thought I would.... the experiences are just happening too fast! Also at the moment my commute to work tires me out. Its an hour and half by bike (total) and by the time I get home, I just about fall over.

my work
Its a gem of a job though, so I am pretty greatful. One of the boys I look after is a budding artist and with his supper supportive and laid back parents, finger painting turns into body art quite quickly.

Well that is totally enough from me here, hope you are all well!


Jo's Place said...

hehe love the body art and that market looks like my kind of place.

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Yum - the food and produce at the market looks amazing - well worth a little weekly indulgence I'm sure. And the red on red finger painting composition is my kind of art!

fiona said...

i've been lurking around but it's time i stop to say hello and tell you the time you're having in Germany sounds amazing. i'm enjoying all these photos you've taken and absorbing the details of your adventure. :)

ruby in the dust said...

that market looks amazing; full of beautiful and delicious things. have fun on your break from crafting :)

Iris said...

An hour and a half to work each day, by bike? I think you pretty much need baklava. You know, for energy ;-)

Anonymous said...