Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Dieffenbachstraße, our new hood

Dieffenbachstraße, our new hood

Dieffenbachstraße, our new hood

Dieffenbachstraße, our new hood

Dieffenbachstraße, our new hood

Dieffenbachstraße, our new hood

This used to be my favourite time of year, all those leaves changing colour, Halloween festivities, fall harvest, apple cider, pumpkins, squash, wheat, corn, the new cold bite in air, and of course my birthday. Then when I moved to NZ, most of those things aren't around or are just too different to recognise and my birthday is in the spring! Autumn in NZ is the prelude to a rainy winter with no Christmas.

I am so glad to have a northern hemisphere autumn again. Everyday I ride through the colourful soggy leaves glued to the pavement, take in the chill, and anticipate Christmas. Its fantastic! We're having a Holloween party for the kids at work and we have spent a lot of time going on nature walks, decorating the kita, and talking about the harvest.

All these pictures are taken from my neighborhood and most of them are view from our windows. Next time I will take on an inside tour:)

and I know I will be missing New Zealand when summer hits, because that country really does summer well. But for now, I am very happy to have my Fall back.



lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

It's always so nice to hear from you, love the photos and love that you are so happy! I'd love to be in Berlin for fall too! xx We are still fighting off the rain.

Tabiboo said...

Such stunning autumnal pictures and the colours are amazing.

Nina x

Lynn said...

Lovely, lovely. Glad you are having your fall and season again this year. The pics. are stunning - I miss all the different colors of fall too. Here, it's mostly gold (aspens) but surprisingly, our one flowering crab turned crimson this year -fun! Today is a wintery wonderland with school cancelled and possibly 8" of snow. Too early in the season for me.....

Ruby in the Dust said...

autumn is beautiful, all those warm colours fighting for attention! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

victoria said...

So pretty K. I request photos of european Christmas decorations when they start appearing everywhere, please...