Thursday, 8 October 2009


La droguerie.

It is here already from the other side of the world, from home (Belgium).
Softest fine and delicate alpaca in stunning colors 'bleuet' (ultra violet blue-ish) and 'cassis' (deep rich berries), and La droguerie's latest baby knitting book.
For each of the girls I'll knit a vest 'la brassiere', the most knitted garment ever in the whole of France.

Ooooh so pleased, thank you Julie and Anne from Julija!
And yeah I also splashed out on some new Liberty fabric, a yard of each, again for the girls.
Aw I better have something made out of all of that, to show you next time huh.

Happy sighs


Julija's... said...

Ik ben al benieuwd naar het resultaat...

Veel breiplezier,

Ps danku voor de vermelding.

hanna said...

oh my goodness, that's all so gorgeous!

Heart Felt said...

Stunning color ~ xx

melissa said...

argghhh! so good. i love your taste in colours.
and knitting projects- that 'la brassiere' is beautiful!

Sally Anne said...

Your little dresses are divine, and those beautiful knitting patterns OMG..does Julia have instructions for la brassiere in English ? Her site is wonderful.