Saturday, 14 November 2009

Autumn days nummer zwei

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

autumn days

From one of my autumn walks a few weeks ago. I after spending a week inside with strep throat, I like looking at these pictures to remind me of the outside world and the beauty of my favourite season.

All of Lies' pictures look so breezy, bright and summertime-ish. Those happy young faces with rosy cream cheeks, sparkle eyes, and twinkle smiles. oh how I miss those girls!

okay now I must dive again into my bureaucratic black hole of immigration paper work. Its all in German, somebody throw me a life raft!


Sofia's Mama said...

Wow amazing swans! I adore the gorgeous leaves too. Makes you want to run around in them.

lily, rosemary and the jack of hearts said...

I love your photos! Especially the woman throwing the scraps to the pigeons! :) So nice to see the other side of the world is doing well, good luck with the papers!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Lovely swans, especially the group together,

Sarah x

fiona said...

the colours of your photos are gorgeous. how envious of me that your outside world is such. :)

victora said...

SPECTACULAR swan pic (number 6)!!!

Iris said...

Gorgeous photos, Kimberlee! The one of you in your hood with the autumn leaves is so pretty, very 'Ladyhawke'.

Stacy said...

Wow babe. The swan pictures are out of this world!

Jodi Kendall said...

Beautiful images! Love the swans!!!

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