Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cheerful inside, outside

Just a few images of the kids and some happy garments I've been sewing for them.

The crazy Liberty dress reflects the inside of Lieveke perfectly, I think haha.
Noor's cords are pretty compatible with all that cheer. 7 months. She says mama!
I'm cooking up a baby-knit with bobbles, more later this week.

Happy midweek friends


JasperBoy said...

Just Gorgeous!

Jen in Melbourne

sarah-jane down the lane said...

They certainly are happy garments, they made me smile and wish I was tiny enough to wear them!!! beautiful fabric,

Sarah x

melissa said...

beeeautiful clothes, as always. so cheerful and bright!

victoria said...

Noor is looking sooo cute. 7 months is such a fun and funny age.
I have a piece of fabric that is very similar in design to the fabric used for the top dress, but the colors are much more eighties, maybe the designer referenced the eighties fabric pattern - this thought pleases me immensely!!

charlotte said...

hey wow talking at seven months !!
love the cushion fabric xxx

Sally Anne said...

Gorgeous fabrics and I love what you do with them. The girls are sweet and very cute too.

Lia said...

Where did you get the dress fabric from? It is absolutely beautiful!