Monday, 8 February 2010


Moutarde de Meaux
- mustard of Meaux, the outstandingly yummy French one -
is the color of my finished knit number 3 of the year.
A sideways knit cardy for Noor.
Pattern and alpaca yarn La Droguerie.
got it from this lovely shop.
It is really simple.
It is really perfect.

And yes those perty tomatoes and peaches are homegrown.
Ah summer!

O o oh this is magically beautiful : Froken O.

Have a lovely week now


Ruby in the Dust said...

mustard is such a beautiful colour, and it matches so well with Kimberlee's knitting too! I really enjoy your colour-coordinated posts, Lies :)

Diane said...

I love your site. it is just gorgeous to see. Your banner always makes me smile. That sweater is so perfect! Mustard is my favorite color and it is the accent in my kitchen. I recently found an old mixing bowl, in a mustard color, it is beautiful. I filled it with oranges and put it on the island in the kitchen. ":)

Rhythm of the Home said...

Everything is so beautiful. I LOVE that cardigan. Perfect

Nikki said...

Lies, you just killed me with the colourglaze cups at the top. I have a slight obsession and it's been kicked into over drive. Must. have. Crown. Lynn. Tea Cups.

Other than that, gorgeous knitting. You reinspired me. xo

P.S. We must catch up some time now that I am an Auckland girl (and am no longer a hermit.)

victoria said...

I love the set of cups and the jug, also the doillies look so rad on the wall. And beautiful knitting. A beautiful combination of photos all up!