Sunday, 7 February 2010

on the needles, w.i.p.

on the needles, w.i.p

on the needles, w.i.p

on the needles, w.i.p

yes I am finally knitting again for the first time in years.
and it feels good.

The process of knitting still amazes me. Making a whole bunch of knots and loops with string and long pointy needles? Who would think that would work!?! but it does.

This is my first go with lace knitting, and thanks to youtube tutorials and this pattern, I may just pull it off. (I have modified the pattern so I am knitting more vertically than horizontally. because cast 238 stitches?!?! oh no.)

In other news I recently got a new visa for Berlin that allows me to stay for 3 more years. We may not stay that long, but yippeeee!

keep well,


Lynn said...

Lovely, my lovely.

Anonymous said...

Love the knitting and garland!

Lies said...

Hey ho that is pretty! Yay you are knitting! Knitting!!! Goody. And yowsy 3 YEARS girl, woh XXX!

Ruby in the Dust said...

now that's a reintroduction to knitting! I've just been bitten by the bug and bought some very similar wool to yours! probably a bit thicker, but the same colour. rich and dark, like the cherries we're eating at the moment...