Thursday, 4 March 2010


Fifth finished knitting project of the year.
Pebbles Cardy for Lieveke. Fun pattern. Perfect fit.
Rowan felted tweed. Rowan felted tweed. I just have to repeat. Seriously, such lovely stuff to knit with. The color is called 'Melody' but I really feel like it should be called 'Old Rose'. Cause the tweedyness makes it look like those dried old dusty pinkish roses, ha.
And Lieve is pleased too, it is pretty AND it does have a bit of pink.
She has worn it two days in a row, it is still about 28 degrees celcius here...

Love love this one, check out the crochet treasures.

O sweetness : new nani iro 2010.



Pomona said...

It's not far above freezing here! I love the cardi - beautiful pattern and beautiful yarn.

Pomona x

melissa said...

that is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL knit!!
and yes, so very 'old rose'y'. x

hanna said...

Truly gorgeous, I just LOVE that colour.