Monday, 12 July 2010

A cure for cold(s)

It was cold cold cold last week.

The kids got colds.
The mum and dad got colds.
The kids got sick and didn't sleep at night.
The mum especially got a bit grumpy and tired.
The older daughter wondered if the dollies needed dresses, warm dresses.
The mum
sewed tiny dresses, skirts and tops
and knitted little vests and a wee shrug.
Then all was a little better.

Little notes :
-more details on the little knits here, here and here.
-the dollies don't really have names, they are just 'Dolly'.
-the little blonde used to be mine when I was little, my mun gave it to Lieveke when we last visited.
-the little blonde is Noor's favorite, I think because she is very baby-like.

Keep it warm friends


hanna said...

oh dear, it's that time of the year isn't it. We too are trying to find little things to get us through sicky days - and nights. Hope you are all back in order now, at least the dollies got new clothes, and very pretty ones at that - you are so clever, I hope to knit like you one day.
- and thanking you for your kind words on my blog :)

victoria said...

It is so nice that your mum kept the blonde doll from when you were little and now L has it, I love that.

victoria said...

p.s. What is Kimberlee up to?

Melissa said...

I've been knitting for our doll (who also goes by the inspiring name of Dolly!) lately too. I find it very satisfying to sit and watch telly at night when the kids are in bed and knit a little top or two. Makes me feel very productive!

Feel better soon

x Melissa