Thursday, 15 July 2010

Making again

I made some kimono pinafores again.

It had been a while.
I wish I had more time to make little dresses, I so so enjoy it.
Anyway, they are here.
The 'berry' bouquet was a gift from Gabriel.
Very bright red. He knows me pretty well I guess.



ronnie said...

oooh these are adorable! I love both colourways (but I think I might be slightly more partial to the warm birdies.....)

ahhh if only I had a girlie girl rather than the very tomboy creature I've hatched!

pod and three peas said...

i would love a bunch of berries :)

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

Your latest sewing and knitting productions are beautiful as always. I certainly never had dolls outfits as trendy as the ones you made recently. I hope your wee ones appreciate their super talented mum.
And what's the update on Kimberlee? We haven't heard a peep from her in ages...

Heart Felt said...

That fabric is gorgeous. x

gayathri said...

Your fabrics are awesome, Where do you buy these fabrics and wool?