Monday, 27 September 2010

Moon and rice...

Two knits for Noor :
-a lavender/greyish bolero, which I like to call 'wild rice',as the stitchpattern and color of this knit remind me of my favorite kind of purple rice (with cinnamon, cream, fresh vanilla, canesugar and a little bit of egg - in the oven - perfectpuddin')
-a soft silver bell-hat, 'clair de lune'.

Now all I have to do is get a photo of her wearing her new woollies. Oh Noor. She's now 18 months and very very wanting to assert herself with OH NO and ME-THAT and MORE. I do understand, she's only just learned how to express her thought with words... She's actually quite clear and skilled in using her little words. And I accept that modelling some cardi and a hat (!) is not high on the priority list. Not edible. Not noisy. Not in the least messy or wet. NO. A yummy bribe would work except it would be instantaniously rubbed into the new garment. NO. It doesn't have wheels. Ehm no it's not a pussycat. No no. Can't really catapult it like sticky toast. Hang on, this hat, whoosh it can fly, now that is interesting, but no, not painterly like mud. Not bouncy or milky. Nnnn. Nah.

-knitting details here and here, in Ravelry.

Happy M'day friends


SOFIA said...

я люблю такие вещи!))

Sally Anne said...

Beautiful knitting and perfect for these Spring days.