Friday, 10 September 2010


I started this shoulderwrap nine days ago, on the first of september, New Zealands first day of Spring. I conceived it as a Spring offering (Stravinsky, Le Sacre du Pintemps) for my de facto mother in law Carol , who's having her 70th birtday today.
I chose an exquisite Habu silk, Kusaki zome, in the colorway Mirobalan, -goosberry. It has a sage-y golden air. The shawl pattern is wonderfully balanced between formal and playful.

It was quite hard to knit - the silk being crisp and stiff, but it came out just the way I had wanted it. Understated yet unusual, light, serene, sheer and full of poise. Like Carol.

Here are the Ravelry details, the pattern is Pogona by Steven West.

The sun's finally out, just in time for Carol's little celebratory soiree...!
Enjoy your weekend


Jessicah Win said...

oh, what a lovely knit! i recently finished a knit with silk too, and am so happy with the drapey outcome. wool just doesn't make the same kind of fabric!

Juliab said...

That is so beautiful and you chose just the right yarn and colour. Your mother in law is a very lucky lady. I haven't knitted for a long time (crochet has taken over) but you are tempting me to pick up the needles again.

Laura said...

Lovely! The shape and the texture!

Stacy said...

That is so gorgeous. Inspirational knitting!

Mlle Sophie said...

absolutely fabulous!

brooke said...

This is so beautiful! I love the color.

clouds and mountains said...

Hi Lies,
looking forward to seeing you all soon. Levie gettin big! Edna can't wait to see ya. R