Thursday, 23 December 2010

And please.

Noor is thinking exceptionally deep deep thoughts in that second photo.
Then : woosh she moves on again.
I had such fun thinking up this summer top. The knitting was pretty swift.
The yarn soft and cool and the color rich.
Best thing was that I used one of my favorite rather small Liberty pieces, perfect size for this top. Sewed it on to the knitted part (with the sewingmachine even) and presto.
-Ravelry link here
-and a detail here and the back of the top here.

This was my 35th knitting project of the year!
Aw did I really do that much of it?
You know, it has been so good...
I am mostly at home with my two small muses and making knitted things has fitted right in our little home and its tiny windows of opportunity.
The knitting has grounded me, inspired and uplifted me and sometimes even comforted me. It's given me a richer sense of belonging (posting my impressions/expressions on the blog and on Flickr, getting appreciation and feedback from loyal comments and followers) and of friendly communication (Ravelry, where knitters really do come together).
All that, from my thoughts into my hands, over my needles, to... well : to you!

So thank you all so much and please
*be safe
*and peaceful
*and together
*and well.
*Stay well too.
Happiest of holidays to you.



Ruby in the Dust said...

oh Lies, you are such an artist! beautiful dress, and what a year of knitting it's been! have a lovely Christmas and New Year, and keep the needles clicking :)

kimberlee said...

so beautiful! I can't believe how big noor is now, I first thought it was lieve, and then I realised Lieve is now a big girl and noor is your toddie. Your knitting this year has been truly inspired, I can tell you are receiving from it too.


victoria said...

Same to you!

kokobeesweet said...

i've loved spying on all your beautiful knitting this year... so many pretty colours and textures. i hope your coming year is filled with the same!

JasperBoy said...

Oh, I thought it was Lieveke too!
What beautiful girls you have.

Jen in Melbourne

Sally Anne said...

Your posts are always richly inspiring, your knitting and sewing divine. I am looking forward to another year of beauty and colour..... thank you Lies !

sweetp said...

That is just gorgeous. Well done

Robin said...

This is just adorable, great job!

melissa said...

i agree with the comments above- you are a true artist. i love the things you make- please keep doing it!

hana said...

hey lies! thought i left you a comment but don't think it ever showed up...lovely to see the girls, like kimberlee i thought noor was lieveke and then was even more amazed to see how much of a little lady lieveke is already! also would love your advice on where to get good delicious wool to make a big blanket in time for winter? do you get most of your wool online? and finally, WHEN are you guys gonna come visit us in wellington? it's just down the road you know xoxo