Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mademoiselle fairyclocks

Been busy. Feels good.

I made Lieveke's dress, with Liberty fairyclocks fabric, adapting a pattern from this book.
I made full use of the one yard of this lovely lawn, bias hemming the dress for extra length.
She loves it and so agreed to pose for only three gummy bears.

Also knitted her an assorted little 'sahara' vest, from supersoft surimerino. Again she likes. She forgot to charge me gummies for this pose heh.

Then I finished little yoga socks for myself- bright blue ones , have a look.
And I am tinkering on a whole new - victorian- project...

Ravelry details :

-sahara vest : click here

-Fuji socks : this way.

It is snowing back in Belgium but It's getting sticky hot here. Funny world.
Just you keep warm/cool friends


melissa said...

madamoiselle fairyclocks is very beautiful! and delicate.
your work always blows me away, lies.

melissamilis said...

great blog :) keep it up X

charlotte said...

oh look how gorgeous and grown up she is.
missing Auckland right now.
missing friends too. and the beach.


Sweetp said...

Lovely! I have befriended you on Rav also. The tamarillo scarf you made is so beautiful! Whata work of art!