Friday, 28 January 2011


I made another dress for Noor, out of some Liberty lawn. This fabric has the name 'Hanako' which means flowerchild. I like the delicate grey tones of this particular colorway so much.
The dress is a tad biggish, I want Noor to wear it for several seasons... I applied 'proper' sewing techniques this time (bias skirt and edgings, voile lining, button strap)... I'm well pleased with the result, the dress looks very finished despite the simple cut.
The flowerchild herself had to be bribed into a picture. She too was very pleased, with the biscuit.
She is going through some growing pains of late - she has trouble with afternoon-sleeps, some days now she has no day sleep and just goes straight to nighttime beddy. She's not too difficult, and I mustn't complain as Noor has been the champion of sleeps (she did 3 to 4 hour ones right up until now) but I am having difficulties to fine tune myself to a full day life without nap (read- personal break or catch your breath). Also the making of little things (knitting/sewing) and 'netting' (blog, flickr, rav) seems now reserved for nights only...

Wishing you a happy weekend


harmony and rosie said...

It's a beautiful dress and I'm just about to embark on a similar one for my own daughter after a bit of a sewing hiatus. I was amused to see that you, too, have to bribe your daughter to do the modelling!!


Sweetp said...

Beautiful dress! well done. The journey to no -naps is a difficult one. Best of luck. I think you just come to appreciate any moment of quiet you get x

Mee a Bee said...

hi Lies, it's been ages since I visited your blog. It's such a surprise to see how much your beautiful girls have grown!
This dress really is gorgeous and I agree how those extra techniques have made it, good on you, very clever.
Hope your tummy bugs have cleared up.