Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Blue period

This year I want to do more sewing, for myself too.
I must make use of my piles of really beautiful fabrics.
And so : a new top, from the famed Drape drape 2 book.
I am well pleased with the result, never thought I could make that.

Of course I am knitting too : 'Le(s) Samourai',
new socks - a little ode to one of my most adored films : Le Samourai.
The deep Koigu inky blue reminds me of the exquisite Samurai (Alain Delon's perfectly blue-black hair and cold steel eyes, ahh).
The complexity of the sock pattern seems to be paralleling the Samurai's meticulous procedure of work, war, rule, balance. The plethora of techniques for these socks (magic cast on, knitting on one circular, cableing, chartreading, shortrowing...) requires skill and patience. Some might think that sock-knitting is naf. It's not (wink).
It's splendid.

Happy week friends


Bronwyn Lloyd said...

That 'drape drape' top looks fab, but the Samurai socks sound terrifying!

About Last Weekend said...

Hi what a gorgeous blog! Love all your inky blue things and good on your sock knitting- can't even knit a scarf let alone complex socks! We need them here - its freezing.Nice to meet you, Jody, a Kiwi mum in Oakland, USA...