Sunday, 10 June 2007

knitting square

So lately Lies, Emily, Mayana and I have been getting together to knit.... on might call this a knitting circle but until we get more members, we remain a square. Its nice to be knitting again, it seems the only time I am doing it is at these gatherings so progress is slow. Down below are all the projects we are working on and mine is the burnt orange in the circular needles. Don't expect any 'all finished' photos anytime soon:)
Mayana is new knitter which I find very exciting. It is a great privilege to teach someone to knit, and since I am the only one in the group who knits continental style, I was the one the who got to help Mayana get knitty wit it. IN case you didn't know, continental style is a bit more fluid because one holds the yarn in the left hand which means there is no wrapping around the needle with the right like when knitting the British way. Also the continental style supposedly has lower risk of repetitive injuries/RSI and I've heard its a bit friendlier for left handed folk like Mayana. Go lefties go!

We traveled to Mayana's new house for this fun event. Below is mayana... I'll give you one guess as to why she has a new interest in knitting.

Answer: She wanted to make some leg warmers. Tricked ya. But its true, she has a mother in law who is knitting for the new baby so Mayana is focusing on keeping herself warm this winter. She has just entered her 3rd trimester!
And I thought I would share a random drawing I did last week. I did it while watching baby Lieveke (she was napping) and was inspired by the eclectic decor around Gabe and Lies' house. I like this drawing because I was simply having fun. As an student illustrator much of my creative time is spent completing projects with specific guidelines and I have been finding lately that I don't take enough time to play and explore. I need to remember that the most important creative work is often fueled by ones own initiative.

Speaking of illustration, we have an end of semester exhibition HERE ARE YOU that opens tomorrow night, Monday June 11th at St Paul St Gallery (yes the same place as the last craftwerk.) and it is open to the public. So if you live in Auckland and are interested in visual communication, come along. Its open all week.

I will be showing you the enviro bags I made soon (i can only post four pictures at a time so it will have to wait). They are admittedly cheeky gifts for my mom and sister to encourage greener shopping. I will deliver them myself when I go to the states.... only 12 more sleeps!



The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thought you might like some work-arounds for Blogger pictures :-)

1. Do you run your pics through Photoshop (or similar) before posting them? I always "Save for Web" which brings the size of the pictures down plus I reduce the size of each photo to no bigger than 1000 pixels on the longest side. I find I can sneak more pictures into my posts using this trick.

2. If Blogger is in a total strop picture-wise, save your "extra" photos into another blank post (which you'll delete later).

Go to the HTML view, copy, return to the original post, chose HTML view and paste. And your photos should be there!

Good luck :-)

Kimberlee + Lies said...

thanks shopping sherpa. blogger only alows me to upload 4 photos at a time from picasa to blogger (a google photo programme). I will try cutting and pasting aditional photos in HTML... I have done this before but not in the htlm view, and they dissapeared after a few days so the trick must be in the HTML. :)

soon we are getting a MAC which means I will have to use a differnt photo program because picasa isn't compatible .... ah well.


melissa said...

lovely-looking knitting square you've got going there. some friends and i are hoping to re-start ours for winter, there's nothing cosier, is there?
i'm looking forward to seeing what you're knitting- that colour is gorgeous.
you're right about the importance of taking time to play and explore creatively without prescribed guidelines (i need to remember this too)- i love what you came up with...

Fiona said...

Kim, I wish I can join the circle. I need a teacher. *starry eyes*

Unique illustration, once again. :-)

VictoriaE said...

I love drawings of babies or inspired by babies/toddlers. So much character. Left handed knitting is what I need to learn. The knitting square sounds like a fun time, glad you're getting some time to do un-work-related creative things.
I will be on the hunt to find you a picture of a cake decorated like a tree house, I think.
(and will get some time to answer your email tomorrow.)

Hana said...

i recognise that teapot and those dishes...and that belly.
i miss you ladies!

tash said...

that drawing is so so cool a take on those little chinese new year guys - lurve it .....