Tuesday, 19 June 2007

must do a post must do a post must do a post.....

Over the past week or so, I have just not felt like blogging and it is only by sheer will and focused motivation that I bring you this post. Ta-da! I do have my reasons though. First of all I was busy making this quilt. I know it looks quite similar to the one I made before but I am not one of those crafters with loads of fabric, in fact I hardly have any (shock horror) and since I quite liked the last one, I basically did the same thing all over again only much bigger. This second quilt is almost twice the size as the first. I made yoshi jump in the picture for size indication but dogs can be all kinds of sizes so I don't think he helped.

This is the quilts recipient, my cuter than cuter baby niece Ella. I am going to be seeing her very soon because we are going to the states on Friday. Which is another reason I have not been blogging. I have mentally checked out and though my body is still wandering around in NZ, my mind is floating somewhere over the pacific ocean. many of you may know this feeling.
Since I don't have much else to show you today, I thought you might like to see around tiny city apartment. This is the GRAND MASTER WARDROBE which came with the flat. Its sheer size made me think we would never fill it (there are also cupboards above which wouldn't fit into the shot) but we have. Note: all of luke's clothes are in the two baskets on the right, and the rest are mine. blush.

Here is some baking I did YESTERDAY, and its almost gone. Oh the power of banana muffins.

I didn't tidy up for this shot (obviously) so now it has all kinds of integrity. this is my kitchen.

I don't know if I will be able to post while I am overseas. but I am only gone 3 weeks so hopefully you will forgive my absence. Lies may or may not post while I am away. As I mentioned before, she is now working at a gallery and is finding it hard to blog. I don't think she has much spare time at the moment but she said she has been so inspired and wanted to share many things here.

over and out comrades,


VictoriaE said...

Great looking quilt there. I love the kitchen shot - full of integrity! Have a wonderful trip Kimberlee. I hope you get to catch up with all the people you want to see and do everything you want to do.

Kate S said...

have an amazing time away!! Beautiful quilt by the way. I am super keen to learn to make them now. Maybe I will querie you when you're back.

Fiona said...

I'll like to have a quilt like yours. :-) Happy trip!

melissa said...

that quilt turned out so well! good job, i think ella will love it.
thanks for the trip around your apartment, too- i envy your wardrobe space- we don't have one!