Tuesday, 5 June 2007

The Narnia coat

Since I have been on the topic of fashion, I decided to share this vintage coat with you. I got it second hand last year and have not worn it very much. In fact, I unearthed it from storage last week, have since worn it thrice, and can't for the life of me understand why I put it away in the first place. This coat should be worn frequently and put on display when not in use. It has that VA-VOOM quality that I find particularly pleasing. What more can I say, oh yes.. it's blue velvet, and no that fur is not real.
This photo was taken from a party we went to on Saturday night. (Can you spy Lies? she is in both shots) Also pictured above is Canadian master knitter, Emily, and it was her partner's birthday that we were celebrating. My man took these photos and I quite like the moody quality they have.
Here is 'the yosh'. I am not sure if I have shown him to you before and I know that he hasn't got much to do with crafting, illustration, fashion or vintage finds, but I figure he's part of the family life so he fits into crafting somehow. Currently he has been banished to his 'kennel kennel' because he broke into his treats and ate them all, including part of the packaging. BAD DOG! normally he is too much of a wuss to defy me with such bad behaviour, he must have grown a spine while I was at the library. It may have been that I left his treats on the floor in plain sight...... whoops.

Yosh and I like to play this game I call 'temptation' where I make him lie down with his head on the ground then I put all these bacon treats in a circle around his nose. Then I tell him he must 'stay' and not eat the treats yet. After a good 45 seconds of steely obedience, I tell him 'okay' and he consumes the treats in .6 seconds. I know this may seem cruel from the outside but the yosh LOVES to prove his loyalty. This game may also have something to do with what happened while I was at the library.

I've let him out of 'kennel kennel', you can all feel better now.

Okay I am off to make a slew of recycle 'green' bags to bring to the states with me. I am trying to discourage my mother from using so much of the plastic. Melissa gave me this idea.



Fiona said...

Kim, somehow the photos are not showing. Can't wait to see the coat & bring on the yosh! :-)

The temptation game made me laugh! We do the same to our dogs. Eg. I'd place Mickey's biscuit three feet away from him sitting. Told him to stay and I'd say all sorts of funny words, he wouldn't budge. Until the word "okay" came, he dashed for the biscuit and have it downed in 3 secs.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

Thanks Fiona,

Yes having trouble with picasa and blogger.. they are meant to work together to blog pictures but picasa is a bit buggy. Think luke has sorted it out for me. :) let me know if you still can't see the photos.

melissa said...

thanks for introducing us to yoshi! he's a lovely dog and i think the game you play with him is very cool- just shows how much self-control and dicipline he has.
gorgeous winter coat- it suits you so well!

paper. string. cloth said...

Loving that winter coat.....it's so cold here that all I want right now is oodles of furry extravagance.....!
Thanks so much for adding me to your blog friends....I'm honoured! (blushing)

Cheers, Leah xx

VictoriaE said...

Both the coat and the dog are gorgeous.
Dogs, hmmm, mine drives me nuts but somehow he's wormed he's way into my heart and I can't help but enjoy his company. They become an important part of your life if you let them... then they start getting away with stuff... but they make you happy... love/hate for sure with me.

Sabine said...

Love the coat, love the dog, greetings from Belgium!
So nice to see young girls knit and create. I like the street fashion pictures!

Hana said...

i see you guys are still rocking the oxford shirt wall piece
oh yoshi