Monday, 29 September 2008

kraftbomb: go team CRAFT

well I first must say that my internet has been semi down for the last week. We got switched over to a new network and its been funny ever since- disconnecting every 1 minute on the dot and then slowing way way down, then speeding up too fast for our modem to handle. (but don't worry, the problem is being fixed and we are getting major discounts and a new modem from our internet service provider, so they aren't really that bad) ANYWAY, Posting has been tricky and reading blogs has been even worse. Thanks for bearing with me loyal friends and still stopping by, even though I have not been able to reciprocate. I can't wait until midweek when our new modem arrives and I will be wirelessly checking you out.

I made a lot of toys for the kraftbomb which I am showing off now. I will try and put up some pictures of the actual market once our kraftbomb buddies release them. I was far too tired to take any myself on the day (daylight savings srtikes again!) so I will be using the official ones hopefully:)

goooooooooooooo wildcats! (said in cheerleader chant)

wabbit brigade

little wabbits: fat and thin

Since it is my b-day coming up, I got some great gift ideas at the kraftbomb to tell Luke about. Also my mom requested a "wish list" and everything I put on it was from an etsy store. so GO TEAM CRAFT.

Hope you guys had a good weekend. And for those of you who lost an hour of sleep through daylight savings: sister, I feel you. It's got me too. You'd think one hour wouldn't make that much of a difference but then you'd be wrong.

coming up: aoteroa clothes swap satisfied customer (a quick interview with myself about getting my new scarf, photos included)



ruby in the dust said...

Gorgeous bunnies, as always!

charlotte said...

wow man - that curtain has gone and looong way!!!

Victoria said...

I see a pink-with-colored-dots fabric that is also in my stash, and I adore it. Those cats are brilliant, I can't remember seeing you make them before, is this a new design? Very very good.