Monday, 8 September 2008

kraftbomb: the full report


Kraftbomb was wonderful and far exceeded our expectations in many respects. The organisers Karla and City, were totally on top of all the details, the promo was so successful that the only problem was lack of space. So many people turned up that we are definitely looking forward to the larger venue for Nov.

Hi Lies!
Me and my gear are missing from this picture because I arrived late. I am trying to balance my new part time job into my other part time jobs, it's kinda challenging but it will get sorted. I did make it there just before it officially started.

We couldn't have ordered a prettier day. Just outside the main hall was the musician and an area for kids and families to hang out. This was especially helpful when the crowds got overwhelming, I felt like dashing out and having some playground time at a few points during the day.

So many people! we were back in the corner to the left and I can't even see us through the crowd.

oh the bright happy stalls! There were many of the usual suspects from craftwerk but also some new sellers. here of course is toggle, an old favourite.

vandalised vintage

nut and bee with playful illustration on stationary, stickers, badges, and magnets.

Jelly Bones, with their jewelry which looks edible but is not. I got one of the scrabble necklace this time.the darling Lilly's Make Believe. I really MUST make it a priority to get one of Olivia's owl necklaces, they always sell so fast!

wool is the new cool, which I still can't get over! I mean, see those tampons? yes those are knitted tampons.

geek freaks! and karla (the organiser) from the neck down.

Ran with Scissors looking nifty with their black and red theme. I picked up some of the braille tags and am now awaiting the perfect occasion to use them.

And this beautiful set up belongs to Cheek Pinchy. Kirsten's cards and collage blocks sold like hot cakes and I can see why!

the raffle consisted of homemade with love donations from all the stalls, we put in a little wabbit and a quilted bib. The lucky winner was a female from Mt. Eden and all the raffle money is now going towards promotion for the next kraftbomb. which is Sunday September 28th, 1-4 pm at the Greylynn community centre.

so now that you can see how wonderful it was, why don't you stop by?

ALL PHOTOS ARE COMPLIMENTS OF CITY & KARLA and can be viewed at their flickr page. thanks guys!


charlotte said...

ooh, you see, posts like this make me want to come home!

My Happy Turtle said...

kraftbomb looks like it was a lot of fun! I'm glad you two did well. I wish we had more stuff like that here in Columbus, just a couple indie craft shows a year. :(

Rhiannon said...

man, i want to come to the next one soooooo bad. Was anyone selling clothing? Or would it be too hard for people to try things on etc?

Oh and completely unrelated but you miiiight find something relating to Melissa's latest post here:
just maybe though..

Melissa said...

i agree with charlotte- this post really makes me want to come home. looks like it was a great craft show! x

Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

Thanks for the nice comments on our stall Kimberlee! And the same to you! :)

fiona said...

wow! I'd be lingering around each stall for a long time if i'd to be there. So much eye candy!

R.W.S. said...

Thanks for buying the tags & gun, and for posting the photo of my table! And sorry I suck at introductions - that's my assistant Paul. See you next 'bomb, for swaps :)

Sally Anne said...

Wow, looks like it was a great day, thanks for taking me there!

Victoria said...

I'm looking at these photos kind of wishing there was a market like that around near where I live, but them again I would spend so much money, it all looks really exciting and tempting!