Thursday, 18 September 2008

on magazines and being world famous, one country at a time.

Well folks, we are famous! and by we I mean kiwi craft bloggers. World Sweet World just hit shelves this week and if you have a peek inside there is a little article I wrote about our community. I interviewed anemone (lies, not myself, though that would have been interesting) , tiny happy, lilys make believe, anknel&burblets, and stripy sock studio!
my illustration for the article

Also inside are MANY MANY more interesting things inside such as tutorials on how to make a hoodie, a solar oven, and stencil screen printing. Also hear from other Kiwi creatives about grass roots business, sustainibility, and life in NZ. Go HERE to see about getting your copy!

another magazine worth checking out is frankie (though it's aussie not kiwi).

This issue features
  • various artists making it on their own
  • an article on those dolls (blythe?) which I am trying to understand (what's the obsession?)
  • a toilet paper review
  • some fashion: vintage style one piece swimsuits!!!
  • some crafty ideas: a tutorial for making a retro style tissue box holder
  • and a free wall poster by illustrator mel stringer.

yeah I am definitely their target market.

ah yes, RUSSH, my favourite south pacific fashion magazine. They get me every time with their collage layout style, their tributes to yesteryear, and their profiles on interesting creatives.

many of the fashion spreads are raggamuffin-esque, with layers of varying textures and materials. Even though I know its not, much of it looks like stuff you could score on a really good op shopping day- as though the outfits were put together by a a super stylish art student on a shoe string budget. Street fashion kicks runway fashions butt almost every time. well I think so anyway.

Also in RUSSH an advertisement booklet for the new Kookai collection, which I had never heard of before. I think I like the photography and the movement of the fabric more than the actual dresses. but wowee none the less.

Lets all put of flowing dresses and meet at the beach in 15, okay?
see you there,

ps a list of things that have broken in the last week, or, why my sister asked me if we have a poltergeist living here:

the electricity
our only speaker system
the telephone
our front door handle and lock
yoshi's collar (while outside near a busy road!)
Luke's mobile charger
and something smells in the kitchen but I don't know what.


charlotte said...

might be mercury retrograde - in which case don't bother replacing anything right now. find out when it's over first.

and yes! I am bloggin wsw soon - got the editor to send over a PDF - and I have paid them to send me a copy.


Lily, Rosemary and The Jack of Hearts said...

Is that the new frankie? (quickly dashes to nearest newstand)

Helen said...

Thanks again for the wsw thing. I owe you an A4 envelope of vintage paper goodness to say thanks, I reckon.

I heart Frankie too.

xx Helen

worldsweetworld said...

*blush* "the editor" likes reading nice things about herself on other people's blogs. Thanks for writing for us Kimberlee! ;)

R.W.S. said...

Ooh a poltergeist! Exciting. I tried to convince myself we had one, but really my house is just messy because of me.
Yay, I have been meaning to buy WSW - now I'll have to!! Nice one.

Mrs.French said...

you're famous! don't forget about us little folks down here.

ruby in the dust said...

Love this post, it has so many things I can relate to, especially Frankie and WSW... well done on your illustrations, you really are famous!!

Sally Anne said...

Ha I bought this mag. at Nancy's Embroidery Shop on Friday in Wellington.I got a wonderful surprise when I read your article !!

A Sleepless Night (Standing) said...

Nice to watch you - your illustrations and writing about your creative practice - appear in print. xE

disa said...

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