Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Just practising, silly

Above some more dresses for here.

Quickly huddled on the door : some skirts for here (a new vending point).

A peek through a rather fun curtainblind I sewed from a fabric gift from the lovely Bronwyn. Quite refreshing to look at a perforated world at times. I recommend. This weekend I'll be doing this again, sadly Kimberlee has to work during the fair, but Bronwyn will be her interim.

A tiny garden with a daughter, sunlit, on a sunny day.

Daughter on a rainy day, what else to do but curl up in your cosy leopard-cat hut and nibble some banana-chips... The occasional 'mum, more' was mumbled. So I am mum now. No longer mama. Just mum. Like furniture. Food. Mum. Pretty handy, a mum. Makes me feel like I've been around for centuries, the shiny newness of being mama has worn off. But then again it gives me deep, ample yet simple satisfaction, I am now part of the indispensable parts and particles that make her day her day. Yesterday while we were walking to Lieveke's day care centre, all of a sudden she announced dramatically 'mum, I'm gonna miss you sooooho'. Taken aback by this sudden and unusual display of reluctance to go to creche I replied 'oh sweet it's not that bad and we're not even there yet...' Lieveke halted her little trot and clarified tsjirpily: 'I know mum, I was just practising, silly.'

Thanks all for your sweet responses to the new dresses/the jumping model, you're part of the day too X


hana said...

my mum and i just spent a good while aawwwwing together over your cute dresses and cute cute model!

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

I'm hugely looking forward to being your 'interim' Craft-bomb buddy this Sunday teeny office/studio is a chaotic space filled with half-finished recipe books, pop-up cards and collars...a few late nights to come I think. Your sewing looks gorgeous xx b

charlotte said...

oh! summer. gosh. yay what fun you're having. how's the bump? leaf or flower we know not. must be a flower if they couldn't tell. right?